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Latest update: 18/03/2019 17:54:27

FK Opt Labo Co.,Ltd

We are accelerating overseas expansion with optical products

We are an optical product manufacturer expanding both in Japan and overseas. Our main products are foreign substance inspection equipment for liquid crystal production lines, and optical fiber scopes for severe (high-pressure, high-temperature, radioactive) environments. We also handle industrial lens units such as objective lenses. These products are adopted by domestic Japanese and overseas companies, as well as universities and research institutions in Japan. Our company is accelerating overseas expansion through partnerships with specialized overseas trading companies, while promoting partnerships with universities as well. We have obtained multiple patents.


Sales Pitch

Optical instrument development and prototype making is our strength.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company possesses precision instrument, electric, and software technologies in-house in addition to optical technology, so we can quickly propose the most efficient solutions for customer needs. We do not leave post-production processes such as sales and delivery to trading companies. We meet the customer, and listen to their additional requirements and improvement requests to further enhance functions. We strive to supply more reliable products by partnering with universities. We make use of more than experience, as is common with SMEs, but also the theoretical analysis that universities can offer. 

[Business Description]
Our strengths are product development, design, and manufacturing combining optical and precision technologies, including prototypes and made-to-order items. We offer various industrial lens units (objective lenses, minimum-aperture lens units, and so on) and foreign substance inspection equipment for liquid crystal production lines. We handle optical fiber scopes for adverse (high-pressure, high-temperature, radioactive) environments. We supply transmission-type phase-shift laser microprobe interferometric measurement systems (for measuring refractive index distribution on a local part of a transparent body). Our products also include MTF measuring devices (imaging evaluation devices),  fluoride treatment devices (antifouling finish to touch panels), and screen units for 8K LC projectors. These are our main products. 

Industrial equipment manufacturing

[Product and Technology Strengths]
Our company is consigned with over 30 development and prototype development projects every year. This experience enables us to work effectively in a wide range of fields. We have development, prototype, and manufacturing experience in minimum-aperture optical system design and manufacturing, and with foreign substance inspection equipment for liquid crystal production lines. We handle optical systems for optical fiber processing devices used in the field for optical communication, microstructure evaluation devices for development departments, and  microstructure evaluation devices for new transparent materials. We have also had experience with fine cell shape and structure non-invasive inspection devices, imaging evaluation devices, and assembly and adjustment support systems for military optical systems. This experience allows our company to cater to both development department needs for ultra-high precision and reliability, and 24/7 production line needs for reliability and economical costs.

[Representative’s Message]
Our business develops, prototypes, and manufactures mostly OEM products. These products are actively promoted overseas by the OEM partner, and we have been notified by them that these products have the largest shares in their respective overseas markets. We intend to assign our reinforced sales capabilities to collaboration with overseas partners. We will aim to increase the sales ratio of our products by upgrading them to satisfy local needs and specifications. We will conduct these activities with the aim of becoming a global niche top company.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company has obtained comprehensive dealership licenses from British and Taiwanese optical instrument manufacturers. We hired former trading company employees who have experience in exports, imports, and sales of optical measurement instruments and mass-production inspection devices in addition to overseas posting experience. We assigned them to our expansion plan. They have been working with overseas specialized trading companies, and already started sales activities. 

[Market Share and Rank] 
We have a share of over 60% of the market, which is the top rank.

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