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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:05:34

Hirata Chair Manufacture Co., Ltd

We are an established furniture manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge about chair manufacturing.

We are a furniture manufacturer established in 1963. Our major products are chairs, which are a kind of furniture that is difficult to manufacture. We established unique woodworking technology based on the experience and know-how we cultivated by making chairs. We have applied this technology to manufacture individually designed furniture. We also focus on improving urethane processing and sewing technology. We have entered the field of chairs and sofas for living rooms, aiming at expanding our sales channels. Our company has delivered our products to a major hotel. We are considering business expansion to ASEAN countries through J-GoodTech.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our advantage is in manufacturing chairs, which are a kind of furniture that is particularly difficult to manufacture. Chairs are used most frequently among consumable types of furniture and there is a strong demand for replacement products. Our company has been manufacturing such chairs for as long as 50 years. We possess many technologies for chair production and have been cultivating relationships of mutual trust with dealers for many years. We now manufacture dining tables and sofas in addition to chairs. We manufacture products with unrivaled processing by applying our chair manufacturing technologies.

[Business description]
Our company has been manufacturing table chairs (wooden) for about 50 years since the inauguration of our furniture manufacturing business in 1963. We now manufacture individually designed furniture by applying our woodworking technology unique to chairs. We are also promoting high-mix low-volume production to provide various OEM products. We have established a manufacturing system to keep up with changes in logistics by varying sales routes. We have also started to manufacture products for fields such as chairs and sofas for living rooms in addition to woodworking. This is done by making use of improved urethane processing and sewing technology.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our advantages include basic technologies essential for chair manufacturing, such as wood processing, processing and sewing, and coating. Our wood processing technology enables multi-faceted processing of wooden parts by making use of the latest 3D machining center. We possess urethane molding technology, and industrial sewing machines capable of sewing even leather, for our urethane processing and sewing. We have mastered three-dimensional coating technology to coat erected chair frames, as well as various coating methods. We possess almost all the basic technologies for furniture coating.

[Representative's message]
The thinking of Japanese consumers regarding furniture has begun to gradually change, so we think we should build up an image of our products and develop sales channels. Branding is considered to be important for building an image. Even products with the same functions and quality give a different impression to consumers according to their image. We are always improving ourselves and working to build up a good image. Recent economic development in the ASEAN region is raising their standard of living, and we sense that consumer confidence is much stronger there than it is in Japan. We will also make arrangements through J-GoodTech so that our company’s and Japan’s furniture products will sell well in this kind of market.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company is a small organization, but we have people in charge of each of the manufacturing, sales, and development sections. We are sure that each section can work out a plan based on our corporate business plan and conduct individual management. We are securing transactions suitable for the scale of in-house production and establishing cooperative relationships with partner factories to handle volume orders. This is how we are building up a system capable of satisfying customer requests. We will make preparations necessary for overseas expansion by considering the impacts of events. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Very few manufacturers in Japan specialize in chairs. We are the only manufacturer dedicated to chair manufacturing among a total of 140 companies belonging to the Okawa Furniture Industry (Fukuoka) and Morodomi Furniture Cooperative (Saga) organizations.

[Awards and media coverage]

We have been covered in various media outlets including Saga Shimbun, Nishinippon Shimbun, and Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Regional Resources Utilization Business Plan certification in 2007 by the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[Joint research and development]
We commercialized our NONA and POSA products in joint development with the Saga Medical School Faculty of Medicine to create human-friendly chairs.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have exhibited our products at events held at major department stores in the metropolitan Tokyo area, and the Kansai and Kyushu regions. We have provided our products to a major hotel.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have sold two dining sets overseas by entrusting exhibition and sales responsibilities to a trading firm in Singapore.

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