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Pica Corp.

We offer climbing equipment such as aluminum ladders, stepladders, and workbenches

Our company manufactures and sells aluminum alloy ladders, stepladders, workbenches, and other climbing equipment under the themes of aluminum, climbing, and labor safety and security. Our products are managed within an integrated production system that covers production, sales, distribution, and after-sales service, with a suitable QA scheme in place in every process. We also offer made-to-order products that satisfy customer needs. Our Quick Order system provides timely responses to needs through our original automatic quotation and automatic drawing functions.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our strengths is made-to-order systems where the use situation and customer’s movement are analyzed and reflected in the production. One of these systems is the Full Order system (customized from scratch), and the other is the Quick Order system (customized standard products). Individual customer needs are realized in over 4,000 items annually. Most of our customers are professionals who support our lives and industries. The design, development, and production capabilities we gained from our made-to-order production give us the ability to realize high-level customer requirements. This has been useful in manufacturing standard products as well. These advantages allowed us to establish the No. 1 position in the industry.

[Business Description]
We manufacture and sell aluminum alloy ladders, stepladders, workbenches, and other climbing equipment. Our products are managed in an integrated manner from product development to the sales, distribution, and after-sales phases. They go through an established QA scheme in every phase before being delivered to the customer. We also offer made-to-order products to satisfy a wide variety of customer needs. These products are provided to power station, railway, shipbuilding, aircraft, and aerospace development operators, in addition to factories, distribution warehouses, and event facilities. 

Manufacturing and sales of aluminum alloy ladders, stepladders, workbenches, and other climbing equipment

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our company manufactures original products for specific use cases and available space to make the customer’s work environment safer and more comfortable. Our experienced team of experts are engaged in the design and production process to satisfy various customer needs in over 4,000 cases per year. Our Quick Order system also satisfies customer needs in a timelier manner. This makes use of our standard products as a base for simple resizing, upgrades, and other customization, as well as original automatic quotation and automatic drawing functions. 

[Representative’s Message] 
Our policy is to develop new products in a new field other than ladders, stepladders, workbenches, and scaffold stands. The goal is to increase revenue from the new field for up to 20% of total sales. We will demonstrate through our manufacturing operation that our company has the ability to offer good products beyond the customer’s imagination. We will also demonstrate our capabilities in technology, proposals, and production to smoothly satisfy customer needs. We will strive to spread our company’s brand even further.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Customers considering the introduction of a new large made-to-order product will receive support from our 15 community-based sales sites throughout Japan. We also provide support from our special sales group representatives from inquiry to introduction. Our designer or other experts in production departments may respond to inquiries about made-to-order products, depending on the situation. Our staff will visit your site if necessary to solve problems and offer solutions. We have a sales company in Suzhou, China for overseas expansion. 

[Market Share and Rank] 
We rank No. 1 in the industry for overall sales, with a 34% share of the domestic Japanese market. 

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ

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