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Latest update: 18/03/2019 17:54:26

chuzen lnc.

We are a metal parts supplier for transport equipment production equipment, and a crane manufacturer 

Our strengths is our integrated production of large products, which is made possible by high-quality welding and high-precision machining. Our company can handle a wide range of processes in-house, including design, material procurement, laser cutting, press bending, can-making welding, machining, coating, assembly, and trial runs. We can conduct isothermal machining using air-conditioning equipment to satisfy the required precision. We have satisfied domestic Japanese customer needs through these measures, thus centrally controlling cost, delivery, and quality.


Sales Pitch

Our manufacturing technology for high-quality large products is underpinned by high-quality welding techniques and high-precision machining technology for large work
Welding is our core technology, and our team won the championship in the Toyama Prefecture Welding Competition (FY 2014). We also have a wealth of experience with kinds of welding that are subject to various inspections (PT, UT, MT). We have achieved high precision with can products in the production of large products. This was done through various measures such as surface plates, rotary jigs, heat straightening, and press straightening (1,000-ton press). It resulted in reduced worker-hours in the later machining process at a constant temperature. We are confident that the extensive know-how we have gained from various large-size manufacturing equipment production will enable us to satisfy all kinds of requests. 
Our company is a part supplier and production equipment manufacturer. We excel at large product shapes in both the part and production equipment fields. We have manufactured parts including trailer frames, CFRP molds for aircraft, large booms, arms and buckets of construction machinery, and rolling stock chassis frame parts, as well as machine frames. Our business in the production equipment field covers design and manufacturing, installation, and trial runs of overhead cranes and various other manufacturing equipment on a contract basis. 
Our company devotes itself to satisfying customer needs, such as low cost, high quality, on-time delivery, VR proposals, and cooperation with product development. This is why we limit ourselves to one company in one field. Information management will be increasingly important for differentiation with advanced technology. We protect the customer’s advanced technologies through professional secrecy, business alliance, and other means.

Other presentation

Our company regards itself as the hands and feet of major manufacturers. We believe that the most important things a major manufacturer should do are product development and after sales service. We think the most important thing for our company and our and reason for being is to specialize in Monozukuri craftsmanship, and to optimize cost, quality, and delivery. Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship is significantly shifting from the trajectory of postwar development. To aim at Monozukuri craftsmanship that only Japan can operate, it is essential to reinforce the brain-work of major manufacturers and SMEs suppliers as the hands and feet. We hope to contribute to Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship.

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