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INAC Corporation

Manufacturing of models for iron, nonferrous metal, and resin prototypes

We greatly shorten the lead times between processes by operating on a made-to-order basis for manufacturing home electronics, automobiles, amusement, electronics, medical care, and other equipment in a wide range of industries. Our fully integrated in-house production system includes planning/design, technical design, prototyping, painting, vapor deposition plating, and quality assurance. We have also established firms in China with our own capital to meet the need for high-cost-performance manufacturing. We are experienced in manufacturing transparent resin prototypes and have extensive know-how such as for manufacturing unpolished transparent parts by adopting technology for grinding and treating high-transparency acrylic resin and, for polycarbonates, applying transparency treatment to whitened cut parts.

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Sales Pitch

Manufacture of precision transparent resin models for visualization of interior portions using our unique technology
Machining of polycarbonate resin
We manufacture transparent parts by machining polycarbonate resin, which has higher transparency, strength, and heat resistance among various transparent resins. We also perform five-axis processing, enabling us to manufacture complex and functional parts. 
Polycarbonate resin usually becomes cloudy. However, we can restore the original transparency of a material by performing our transparency processing. 
We can meet customer needs for models for visualization of interior portions, models for flow analysis, models for observation of internal mechanisms, exhibition models for education, and so on, by making use of characteristics of polycarbonate resin such as “high transparency,” “high strength,” and “heat resistance.”
From design to trial manufacturing
We can manufacture trial models using an integrated system starting from the design stage until the actual trial manufacturing, using non-ferrous metals or resin materials. We excel in high-mix low-volume production. 
We excel in trial manufacturing using transparent resins, such as machining of transparent resin, transparent light shaping, and transparent vacuum casting. We also perform five-axis machining, enabling us to manufacture parts with complex shapes. We also perform aluminum vapor deposition plating and various types of coating. 
If you only provide us with an idea or an image for a product, we can perform 3D modeling based on our design as well as design mechanisms and casings to complete a trial model. We can offer short turnaround times and low costs because we manufacture products in an integrated manner.
Examples of processing and applications
Examples: models for visualization of the inside of transmissions used for automobiles, industrial equipment, and so on
You can put actual oil into our products for observation. 
The material we use is polycarbonate in which we have performed unique transparency processing. 
We perform unique reinforcement for modeling so that our products can withstand pressure. 
We manufacture models for visualization of the inside of various mechanical parts. 
You can use our products for various purposes such as flow analysis, testing of structural parts, models for structural explanation for education, and samples for exhibitions. 
We provide highly transparent trial models. 
Our products have high transparency because of our transparency processing, therefore, they can be used instead of acrylic resin.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our fully integrated production system includes planning/design, technical design, prototyping, painting, vapor deposition plating, and quality assurance. This makes it possible to greatly shorten the lead times between processes. We can also perform 3D modeling and even generate product data from planning and conceptualization to technical design even if we are given only a few sketches. We make full use of our expertise plus new technologies to give shape to your ideas and deliver the product. Our clients never have to worry about anything.

[Business description]
We focus on our core competence, one-stop service, in collectively undertaking all processes from support for development to prototyping to mass-production and delivery of products with high quality and short lead times. The wide range of products that we handle, which includes even ready-made screws and shafts, has earned us the enviable reputation of being a "convenience store for manufacturing." We are also increasing our presence in China by establishing local firms with our own capital, thereby making it possible to meet an even wider range of requirements. Our clients never have to worry about materials, processes, appearance design, technical design, 3D data preparation, plating, painting, inspection and treatment jigs, assembly, or other operations. Our one-stop service eliminates waste and further shortens lead times. We are always available for consultation when a client has only a rough idea of the product in mind. We will give shape to the idea and deliver the product.

Design; mechanical and structural design; manufacturing of models for iron, nonferrous metal, and resin prototypes

[Strength of products/technologies]
We handle many complex parts that use aluminum vapor deposition plating on optical dissipation, protective covers, and other transparent resin products in home electronics, automobiles, amusement, and other equipment. We are experienced in manufacturing transparent resin prototypes, including techniques for "transparency treatment" of whitened cuttings and various other knowledge required for the manufacture of unpolished transparent parts using technology for high-transparency acrylic resin cuttings (polycarbonate). We also perform aluminum vapor deposition plating, which is difficult to do in small quantities, in quasi-clean rooms that we designed. We thus achieve contamination-free products with high reliability and short lead times.

[Representative's message]
Sincerity, customer confidence, personnel training
1. “Customer first” management designed to fully satisfy corporate users
2. “Quality-oriented” management
3. “People-centered” management

Thank you for visiting our website. We manufacture precision prototypes for home electronics, automobiles, amusement, medical care, and various other industries.
We believe it is more challenging to do what our competitors have not done before, so we provide a one-stop service, which includes planning and conceptualization, mechanical design, and prototyping internally and integrally.
We also started business in Hangzhou City, China in 2004, ahead of the rest of the industry. We have now established an additional production center in Huzhou City, realizing direct trading with Japanese and Western manufacturers.
We celebrate our 20th anniversary, having effectively used the connections that we have established thus far. We will now be entering the USA and Europe, and delivering our products to the world.
We will then establish a system to further meet our clients’ needs with our total performance in cost, capacity and quality.
The future of the Inac Group, an eternal challenger, is bright.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our Sales Department and Management Department have contact persons for dealing with new customers. We will handle technical consultations and solve problems by having representatives with specialized knowledge from Sales, Manufacturing, Development Design, and Management visit the site where there are problems, provide samples, and offer assistance. We have two or more representatives in each department to quickly respond to inquiries so that customers do not have to wait. We also have a system for sending emails in English and Chinese for firms abroad, and we are recruiting globally-oriented personnel capable of answering phone calls in English, Chinese, and German.

[Market share/Ranking]
Few of our rivals have sufficient expertise to manufacture high-quality transparent prototype cuttings. In addition, there are no suppliers for prototypes with high-quality aluminum vapor deposition plating and in small quantities (according to our own survey).

[Awards and media coverage]
Third place in the annual NC Network access rankings for the Tokai region (fiscal 2014).

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper: "Aluminum Plating Business Begins" (Oct. 16, 2012), "Startup of New Factory in China" (March 5, 2013), "Optical Shaping Apparatus in New Factory (December 13, 2013).

[Factory (domestic)]

[Factory (overseas)]
Huzhou ina can model Ltd.; Japanese-owned Hangzhou ina may die model Ltd.(China)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Aiphone Co., Ltd., Asmo Co., Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Maspro Denkoh Corp., Minezawakoki Co., Nisshinbo Chemical Inc., Ltd., Pacific Engineering Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Sun-Wa Technos Corporation, Yamaha Corporation*In alphabetical order

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Fuji Xerox of Shanghai Limited, Brother System Technology Development (Hangzhou) Ltd., Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.

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