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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:14:11

Taiyo Plastics Industry Co., Ltd.

We manufacture beverage container caps and resin parts such as home electronics appliance parts.

We are a resin part manufacturer. We receive orders for manufacturing food and beverage container caps and for half-assembly and part manufacturing and sales in the field of home electronics appliances. Our in-house products include various resin parts for office furniture as well as bicycle helmets for schoolchildren and students, which are manufactured on consignment in China. We manufacture and sell resin rollers for long-distance transport belt conveyors as industrial equipment. We cover everything from product design, modeling, and material selection to mold creation and even mass production to meet customer requirements.


[Product description] Plastics are heated and become molten, after which they are injected by high pressure into a mold and taken out after cooling. The use of this injection molding method is widely extending as a representative plastics processing method. Our company employed this method earlier than any other company. We have been establishing a mass-production system and improving quality over time. Our customers highly appreciate our continuous efforts for various molding technologies.

[Product description] Product lifecycles are becoming shorter and needs are growing for high-mix low-volume production. In this context there is a strong demand for production process reduction and quality stabilization. Our company is independently establishing production environments and manufacturing dedicated processing machines and various jigs and tools to proactively improve production efficiency.

[Product description] A vibration welding machine is suitable for welding medium-sized to large plastic moldings having complicated shapes. Our machine produces strong sealing performance and reduces the welding cycle for higher production efficiency. [Major facilities and equipment] BRANSON M-502HJ vibration welding machine.

[Product description] We have various kinds and sizes of products available as plastic parts for office-use steel desks and chairs, and we sell them nationwide.

[Product description] Our helmets are for schoolchildren and students who commute to school by bicycle. Our products include SG-certified helmets and ventilated helmets.

[Product description] Sun Idler S consists of naturally suspended, trough-type resin carrier rollers connected using metal links. The bearing of each roller is sealed by a double structure with a built-in labyrinth. Sun Idler P has a structure with stainless-steel wire as its shaft. Self-lubricated resin rollers are naturally suspended from the wire in a trough form. [Market share/Ranking] There are no other manufacturers in Japan.