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Latest update: 10/01/2020 14:25:05

L and F Co., Ltd.

We develop software that is involved in developing automatic driving technology for automobiles.

Our company conducts consignment development and manufacturing of electronic devices (hardware and software), as well as development, manufacturing, and sales of built-in control devices and substrates. We conduct seamless development and manufacturing from design and manufacturing to software development. Developing built-in devices under our own brand is another focus in our operations. We were among the first in the industry to establish automatic robot operation and teaching technology, which was done through our automatic mower development. We have also been engaged in developing automatic driving technology for automobiles. We intend to cultivate overseas markets by working with trade-related operators. This will be done based on the concept of customer satisfaction, as well as safety, reliability, and high quality. 


[Product description] This is a single-axis pulse control module equipped with the Motionnet Series LSI G9103B, which is a high-speed serial communication system proposed by Nippon Pulse Motor. This module outputs high-speed pulses for driving single-axis pulse input type stepping motors and servo motors. It remotely controls continuous motion, positioning motion, position resetting motion, and linear and arcuate interpolating motion through constant acceleration, linear or S bend acceleration/deceleration, and S bend acceleration/deceleration. This is done by following instructions from a sensor module equipped with a G9001A (e.g., LFA7, MSS). The pulse control module with a single-axis control local device (G9103B) realizes linear and arcuate interpolation when used in multiple units. The module also has a wide range of functions, including override in the moving speed and target position, triangular drive avoidance, backlash compensation, and vibration suppression in still mode. Its functions also include soft limiting, various position resetting sequences, mechanical input, and a servo motor interface. The RJ45 port can be securely connected to commercially available LAN cables through its plug lock function. The power supply function (DC 24V) can eliminate the necessity of power cabling. The modules can be connected by cascade connection via RJ45 ports, as well as by cableless connection via a BUS connector. The ID settings (module ID, group ID) can be made on the rotary SW. This thin, compact module saves space for installation (W 112.6 × H 76.8 × D 18.9). It can be easily attached or detached by installation on a DIN rail.* *A DIN rail is required to install this product.


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