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Tokyo Roka Kougyousyo Co., Ltd.

Design and manufacture of filters and strainers for any type of liquid

We design, manufacture and sell filters and strainers for filtering air and any type of liquid including water and oil. We also design and manufacture filtering equipment in which these components are mounted. We handle both small-volume and large-volume orders. Our filters for air conditioning equipment can be used in many of the air conditioning systems made by Japanese manufacturers. Our automatic-scraping “Auto Clean” utilizes a laminated multi-plate structure. In addition to our engineers in the department in charge, technical staff from other departments also participate in multi-perspective analyses and discussion to handle highly technical inquiries from customers. We accept overseas orders for our products and peripheral devices through our Japanese agents.


Sales Pitch

Details of business, products, technology, etc.
Details and features of business
[Business description]
We design and manufacture “filters” and “strainers” for filtering fluids, as well as “filtration equipment” in which they are installed. We are developing the following four businesses in a wide range of fields to provide products that meet customer requirements: “industrial filter manufacturing” in our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture); “air-conditioning filter manufacturing” and “automatic cleaning filter manufacturing” in our Saitama Plant (Saitama Prefecture); and “plant equipment design” in our headquarters. 

Manufacturing Industry

[Company strengths]
We started OEM of air cleaners for automobiles in 1951. We have also ventured into new fields by developing various filters and strainers for general industries as well as automatic reverse cleaning strainers for plants, and by manufacturing air-conditioning filters for buildings. We have manufactured various filters and strainers regardless of type of fluid, such as water, oil, and air, and have been highly trusted by customers. We design and manufacture filters and strainers according to customer specifications, including the type of fluid, flow rate to be processed, filtration accuracy, and so on, even in the case of low-volume production.
Overview of products and technology
[Characteristics of products and technology]
“Industrial filter manufacturing”: We manufacture filters and strainers for various fields, such as hydraulic equipment, commercial vehicles and power trains, gasoline meters, and large engines. 
“Air-conditioning filter manufacturing”: We manufacture air-conditioning filters that have certain characteristics, such as air-conditioning filters for buildings that can be applied to air conditioners of manufacturers in Japan and “filters for anemostat vents.”                                          
“Automatic cleaning filter manufacturing”: “AUTO CLEAN” is a scraping type strainer with laminated plates, which remove dust by rotating. You do not need to replace the cartridge element for these. 
“Plant equipment design”: We design and manufacture automatic reverse cleaning strainers, “AUTO STRAINER,” which have a unique mechanism for collecting and discharging dust, including plastic bags and pieces of expanded polystyrene. 

[Internal system for marketing channel development and overseas development]
We have a system in which all our staff can relay each new inquiry to the appropriate department (business group). We reply to inquiries from customers regarding specifications of standardized products or submission of quotations by the following day at the latest. With respect to technologically difficult inquiries, we hold meetings attended by employees including engineers that are part of departments other than the department in-charge to consider and respond to the inquiries from diversified perspectives. We aim to establish trusting relationships with customers and develop marketing channels in this manner. With respect to overseas development, we receive specifications (engineering and documents) from and submit them to customers via agency companies in Japan because we do not have staff for communicating with customers in foreign languages. We make sure that no inconsistency or misinterpretation is caused by the difference in language.
For matching
[Representative’s message]
Our basic principle has been “Quality first” since we started our business. We have provided products that meet customer needs in a wide range of fields while carrying out TCQ activities. By combining our achievement in the development and manufacture of filters and strainers for automobiles with the development and manufacture of large and small automatic strainers for mechanical plants, we have developed value-added products that cannot be achieved by other companies. With respect to existing customers, we introduce our products in addition to those they have already used to meet their needs. With respect to new customers, we aim to develop marketing channels by improving our website and developing sales and marketing activities that only engineers can perform. Over the past several years we have received orders for peripheral equipment as well as filters and strainers from overseas customers. We strive to enhance trust from customers.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We started out in 1951 as an OEM of auto air cleaners and have since entered several new business fields including the development of filters and strainers for general industrial purposes and automatic reverse-cleaning strainers for plants, and the manufacture of filters for air conditioning equipment for buildings. We have an excellent track record in the supply of filters and strainers for filtering air and any type of liquid including water and oil, and our products are highly trusted by our customers. We design and fabricate made-to-order filters and strainers based on the customer’s specifications for the type of liquid, processing flow rate and filtration accuracy. We handle both small- and large-volume production.

[Business description]
We design, manufacture and sell filters and strainers for liquids, and filtering equipment in which these components are mounted. We have four business lines: the manufacture of industrial filters at our Furukawa Plant in Ibaraki, filters for air conditioning equipment and “Auto Clean” at our Saitama Plant, and the design of plant equipment at our headquarters in Tokyo. We offer a diverse lineup of products to meet the needs of our customers in many different fields.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Industrial filters: We manufacture filters and strainers for a variety of applications including hydraulic equipment, commercial vehicle power trains, gasoline meters and large engines.
Filters for air conditioning equipment: We manufacture filters for air conditioning systems in buildings and special filters such as for anemostat-type diffusers.
“Auto Clean”: Our “Auto Clean” automatic-scraping strainer has a laminated multi-plate structure that rotates to remove dust. It also eliminates the need to replace cartridge elements, thus saving time and labor.
Plant equipment: We design and manufacture “Auto Strainer”, an automatic reverse-cleaning strainer that can capture and remove even plastic bags and Styrofoam pieces.

[Representative's message]
We offer a lineup of unique and high-value-added products that are not available anywhere else, by combining our experience and expertise acquired through the development and manufacture of automobile filters/strainers, large automatic mechanical strainers for plant equipment and small automatic strainers. We provide existing customers with proposals on our other products that may meet their needs. Through our continually updated website and expert sales by our engineers, we are developing routes to reach new customers. In recent years, we have received an increasing number of overseas orders for filters and strainers as well as peripheral devices.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have established a system through which all staff can forward new inquiries to the appropriate department (business group). For standard products, we confirm the requested specifications and submit our quotation by the next day at the latest. The engineers in the department in charge plus technical staff from other departments participate in multi-perspective analyses and discussion to answer highly technical inquiries from customers. Through these efforts, we have built relationships of trust with our customers and are opening up new sales channels. As we have not yet acquired bilingual personnel for overseas orders, we accept and/or submit specifications (engineering documentation) via our agents in Japan. 

[Market share/Ranking]

[Awards and media coverage]


ISO 9001 (Saitama Plant)

[Joint research and development]
Local ventilation device and water wall unit (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2005-034728)
Device for eliminating odors when dismantling auto airbags (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2005-342620)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ebara (Auto strainers, since 1964), Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (Auto strainers, since 1970), Toyota Boshoku (Air cleaners/oil filters for Toyota automobiles, 1951 to 2007), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Air breathers/auto strainers, since 1988), Sakai Heavy Industries (Filters/strainers, since 1980), Tatsuno (Filters for gasoline meters, since 1973), and many other leading manufacturers. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Posco of South Korea (Auto strainers, 1979 to 2009), China Steel of Taiwan (Auto strainers, 1980 to 2001), Hyundai Steel of South Korea (1997 to 2006), Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) of Kuwait (Auto strainers, since 1976)

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