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[Electric Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing] 
We offer customized design and small-lot production of electric motors (commutator motors, DC motors, SR motors, and PM motors). We handle in-house design and manufacturing of gear speed reducers, and aluminum die casting products. We also sell compact hydroelectric generators and electric business-use scooters (new business). 

Our strengths include drive motors with high load resistance to be used in electric tools and power pumps integrated with speed reducer units into single units. We can design these units specifically for the customer’s use case, and manufacture them using production equipment within our factory as small lot-production.


Sales Pitch

Customized design and small-lot production of 100W to 1kW drive motors
[Electric Motors]
We offer electric motors such as commutator motors, DC motors, SR motors, and PM motors. The characteristic strength of our technology is that we can design and develop an integrated unit specifically for the use case requested by the customer. This includes drive motors with high load resistance to be used in electric tools, power pumps, and power breakers as well as speed reducer units integrated into single units. These units can be manufactured as small lots in an integrated production system using our in-house production equipment. This includes motor axis and gear cutting, heat treatment and polishing, winding and varnishing, and aluminum die casting.
[Speed Reducers]
There are no standardized products, and every one of our products is designed according to specifications given by the customer. Our company manages multiple facets of operations including simple gear delivery, speed reducers, gear motors, compact machining tools, and OEM design and manufacturing. Our production capacity supports from small lots (50 pieces or more per lot) to medium lots (several thousand or more per lot). We can also work with partner factories if the lot size exceeds 10,000 units. 

Cutting, gear cutting, heat treatment, and broaching are conducted seamlessly in-house. We are confident that quality is maintained in our factory, which is a designated partner factory of a major manufacturer.

We possess know-how on low-noise, long-life design and manufacturing. This was gained from severe commutator motor conditions, such as high load and high torque, as well as high rotation (10,000 RPM or more). 

We have extensive gear production experience for a wide range fields, including electric tools, plant conveyer lines, multistory parking garages, food production machines, and precision machines.  

[Gear Design]
We do not apply additional processing to a standard gear. We create a customized design specifically for your product. There is no restriction on the gear profile. We provide comprehensive and consistent design for your gear, gear set, speed reducer, gear motor, and compact machining tool.

[Gear Cutting]
Our specialty is fine-pitch gears of module 0.5 to 3. We excel at gear profiles such as motor axis pinions, helical gears, and spur gears.

The work is directly brought to the quenching process after gear cutting, without being transported outside the factory. This arrangement helps achieve consistent quality. We have a cemented furnace and high-frequency quenching equipment (water/oil).
[In-house Design and Manufacturing of Aluminum Die Casting Products]
Our production system includes the die method, jig and tool design, die casting, machining, and surface treatment (surface treatment is provided by a partner company). We have manufactured electric tools, and also die casting products for a wide range of fields such as precision machine parts, food production machine parts, semiconductor equipment parts, and construction. We will also consider how to replace existing parts with aluminum die casting.  
[Die Method and Jig and Tool Design Technique]
We are confident about reducing lead times for new products. We can create detailed die cast material drawings. We can propose ideas for cost reduction where the work is replaced with die casting. We can also recommend other manufacturing methods in addition to die casting. 
[Die Casting]
We offer small lot production (minimum 100 pieces per lot). We can handle mass production of 10,000 units per lot by working with our partner factories.

Other presentation

[Awards and Media]
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, 32nd Excellent Management Award; Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, Environmental Conservation Category Award (2015) 

[Certificates and Licenses] 
ISO 9001; ISO 14001; CCC

[Joint Research and Development] 
Fukuoka University of Technology; Nishinippon Institute of Technology; Sasebo National College of Technology; Kyushu University; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Core Technology Advancement Program (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2010–2012); Rare Earth Equipment Introduction (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2010–2012);  New Energy Technological Innovation Program (NEDO, 2012–2014)

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