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Latest update: 09/08/2019 16:04:37

I. S. T. Corporation

We are an R&D company proposing functional material products that are not available from other companies.

Our company independently designs and manufactures various functional material products that are not available from other companies, for a variety of fields. These include critical components for OA equipment (polyimide toner fusing belts and intermediate transfer belts for copiers and laser printers), and various polyimide and non-inflammable functional fiber products. Our toner fusing tubes for OA equipment are mounted on more than 40% of the world’s black-and-white laser printers. We are an R&D manufacturer, and about one-third of our staff are engaged in R&D and technical development.


[Product description] Polyimide resin was developed by DuPont in the 1960s and has been widely used for advanced materials in space development and for familiar kinds of electric and electronic equipment in daily life. The highly excellent thermal stability and mechanical, electrical, and various other characteristics of this resin as well as its high reliability have been proven by its many years of history. The uses of this resin are still being extended. In 1994 our company gained the manufacturing and sales rights from DuPont for the Pyre-ML polyimide resin film-forming varnish. Our USA subsidiary in DuPont’s factory in Parlin, New Jersey is still manufacturing these products and supplying them throughout the world. Pyre-ML is a polyamic acid solution (polyimide precursor) produced by the condensation polymerization reaction of aromatic diamine and acid anhydride. We can obtain a polyimide film with excellent characteristics by coating Pyre-ML on a substrate and drying and baking it with high heat.