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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:04:16

Fukino Mold Seisakujo

We apply milling to deal with ultrafine profile irregularity and micromachining.

Our company was established in 1973 as a plastic molding die manufacturer. We have realized excellent profile irregularity, end milling of less than 0.1 mm, machining of difficult-to-machine materials (e.g., Elmax and Inconel), and micromachining of cemented carbide. This has resulted in a good track record in these fields. We won the Bronze Prize in the die/fabrication category of the 9th Dream Machining Contest, which was held by DMG Mori Seiki. 

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[Company strength]
We can provide service quickly if you have issues with micromachining overall or if you need additional micromachining on a current product. We accept orders for single pieces for ultrafine profile irregularity machining (e.g., 3D shapes) of high-hardness steels and other difficult-to-machine materials. 

[Business description]
Our company is taking on the challenge of more difficult machining by using our existing die production technology for precision plastic molding. We hope to receive inquires about single-piece small-lot production. Please consult us if you have trouble with ultrafine machining, machining with ultrafine profile irregularity, or machining of difficult-to-machine materials. 

Plastic molding die design and manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We can realize high-precision machining with submicron or nano level profile irregularity by milling with a machining center. Please consider our three-dimensional machining technology if you need the following.
(1) Shape machining with an extremely small diameter end mill of 0.1 mm.
(2) Machining without sub-polishing (less than 0.1 µm profile irregularity) of hardened steel. 
(3) Other machining where good profile irregularity that is impossible with an ordinary machining center is required.
(4) A bottom edge that is impossible with ordinary grinding is required.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been engaged in designing and manufacturing plastic molding dies since 1968. The orders we have received have been for dies in various shapes and sizes, but recently our customers need more advanced technologies. These include nano level profile irregularity, small end mill processing of less than 0.1 mm, machining of difficult-to-machine materials (e.g., Elmax and Inconel), and micromachining of cemented carbide. We are inheriting and maintaining the accumulated die manufacturing technologies from our predecessors. At the same time we will continue to take on new challenges in ultrafine machining and machining of high-hardness, difficult-to-machine materials. This will be done in order to earn and respond to our customers’ trust. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company is working hard to maintain and expand its die-making operations. We are also working to achieve a 5% increase (to overall sales) in fine milling production as this year’s target. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Bronze Prize in the mold/fabrication category of the 9th Dream Machining Contest, held by DMG Mori Seiki. 

Kikai Shimbun, “…high surface quality, with precision of 0.02 µm,” (August 25, 2011). 

[Exhibition History/Information]
We will exhibit some samples of our superfine milling at Monozukuri World 2015. It would be a great pleasure if you could come and visit our booth. Date: June 24th (Wednesday) to 26th (Friday); venue: Kyoto Booth in East 6 Hall, Tokyo Big Sight (person in charge: Oma).

[Other exhibitions]
M-Tech; Medix; Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo; 3D & Virtual Reality Expo.

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