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Latest update: 10/01/2020 14:25:08

Lionpower Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of equipment and devices, also dealing with inspection devices for the Bullet train.

Our main operations are the design and manufacture of printed boards, software development, design and manufacture of factory/laboratory automation etc., and manufacture of analysis equipment. We also deal with development of Special Express Thunderbird on the JR Hokuriku Line and inspection devices for vehicle bodies of the Hokuriku Bullet train. We promptly respond to demands requiring high level techniques with electrical engineering and mechanical engineering united for small quantity, large variety production. We manufacture completely automatic wire processing machines and start testing machines for diesel engines as in-house products. We are expanding into medical equipment fields such as desktop centrifugal smearing devices and blood-collecting tube transfer devices in recent years.


Sales Pitch

We propose, develop, and manufacture systems that meet customer needs in various fields, such as those of FA, LA, rolling stock, automobile maintenance, chemical/analytical instruments, and sheet metal processing.
Conveyor lines
We perform electrical, mechanical, and software design for various systems. We achieve pleasant operating environments by measures such as reducing heavy work in manufacturing or conveyor lines that have been performed by operators, improving productivity by using automatic inspection in inspection processes, and using robot systems to address labor shortages.
• Reducing burden on operators
There are operations in which setting needs to be performed by operators each time according to various works. We can reduce total costs by automating such operations. 
We also achieve safe work sites by reducing the burden on persons who handle heavy objects or other effects. 
• Automated packaging/stacking systems for panels or the like
• Automatic lifting of jigs when welding sheet metal
• Automatic cutting of scrap sheet metal
Automation using multi-jointed robots
In cases where there is more than one process of manual operations by operators, we can achieve effective operations by automation using multi-jointed robots (handling robot systems). 

In the case of equipment for chemical liquids, for example, we can automate operations such as setting of a sample, injection of a chemical liquid, appropriate heating/cooling, and injection into an analyzer in order to eliminate elements such us human error or the like and to establish common standards for operations.
Medical related equipment
Centrifugal smear machine “SPINNER 2000”
“SPINNER 2000” is a desk-top machine for preparing blood smear samples by centrifugal force for hospitals, inspection organizations, and the like. 
You can easily prepare samples simply by pressing the start button after dropping blood taken by a clinical laboratory technician. Its rotation speed is 4,700 rpm. You can set the rotation time from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds and do not need special technology. 
You can easily prepare a beautiful and uniform smear sample simply by dropping a small amount of blood.
Transfer device for blood sampling tubes “LS1000”
“LS1000” is a device for automatically transferring blood sampling tubes to a refrigerator rack after blood testing. 
Specifications of conventional transfer devices are intended for large inspection organizations. Therefore, small and medium-sized hospitals and inspection organizations did not use them, and operators manually performed sorting tasks in many cases. 
We developed “LS1000” for such small and medium-sized hospitals and inspection organizations. “LS1000” is a transfer device for blood sampling tubes, which is compact and user-friendly.
Hospital reception system
Recently, many hospitals lend outpatients a portable terminal at reception to notify them when it is their turn to see a doctor. 
We design and manufacture charging/issuing devices and collection devices for call receiver terminals for hospitals in cooperation with Shimadzu System Development Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, and GLORY LTD.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can promptly respond to demands for small quantity high variety production that other companies cannot handle. Our strength is that we have high technical abilities realized by organically uniting electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, and our characteristic is that we can respond to the various needs of our customers. We have increased technical capabilities as a development enterprise by meeting these needs, and are especially good at development in fields requiring analysis and electromechanical control. We also conduct operations including not only order production and OEM but development of in-house products with the use of these technical capabilities. We will apply these techniques to advance prioritization in fields of medical and biotechnological equipment. 

[Business description]
We design and manufacture printed boards, develop software, design and manufacture factory/laboratory automation etc., and manufacture optomechatronics equipment and analysis equipment such as HPLC. We also deal with development of Special Express Thunderbird on the JR Hokuriku Line and inspection devices for vehicle bodies of Hokuriku Bullet train. We conduct manufacture and sale of completely automatic wire processing machines and start testing machines for diesel engines as in-house products. We have developed in-house products such as desktop centrifugal smearing devices and blood-collecting tube transfer devices and have also developed our business in the medical equipment field in recent years. 

Manufacture of electrical machines and instruments  

[Strength of products/technologies]
Development of in-house products requires high technical capabilities which is our strength. We particularly develop completely automatic electric wire processing machines for control boards by novel ideas and precise technical capabilities, and our products superior. Working efficiency is improved by shortened electric wire processing time and arrangement of workers at important points of assembly work. Cost (calculated on the basis of improving efficiency and personnel expenses in the case of processing 30,000 electric wires monthly) is reduced by 10.38 million yen per annum, as a result we have reduced man-hours by 3,460.

[Representative's message]
I think that without understanding of difference between the culture of “Omotenashi (sincere and warmhearted hospitality)” in Japan and culture in Europe and North America, there is no success in global society. We dispatch young and promising persons overseas and develop them to be globally competent employees while promoting their absorption of different cultures. This requires time, but we think that this is the shortest way. I actually feel that the day when their growth leads to our growth is approaching.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We conduct activities for overseas development of our products, and plan to enter overseas operations in earnest. There are various problems and issues in the overseas development, and we think that in-house human resource development is most important. We have many cases where engineers with a thorough knowledge of our products conduct business negotiations in domestic operations, and this is one of our characteristics. We think that this characteristic will also become our strength in developing overseas operations. We, therefore, have a plan for selecting young core employees, and making our members participate in overseas exhibitions to develop them for overseas development. We plan to conduct specific business negotiations from now on.

[Market share/Ranking]
No. 1

[Awards and media coverage]
Received Ishikawa Venture Grand Award (special technical award)
Selected for Ishikawa Kigyo Kenkyusha (award of enterprise researchers in Isikawa Prefecture)

Many local media including The Nikkei, The Hokkoku Shimbun, and Hokuriku Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification

[Joint research and development]
Patent: Marker Tube Printing Device, Patent No. 3438048
Processing Device for Electric Wire Terminal Processing, Patent No. 3484522
Method for Arranging and Storing Electric Wire and Device thereof, Patent No. 3723905
Chuck Device for Electric Wire Processing Machine, Patent No. 3870347

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Komatsu Ltd., SHIGUMAKOKI CO., LTD, SHIBUYA CORPORATION, Shimadzu Corporation, West Japan Railway Company (JR Wet), etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our company → domestic trading companies → Korea → China

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