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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:12:11

Takaoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We possess innovative technology in cast parts for automobiles and machines.

We manufacture small articles for automobiles as well as parts for machining tools and industrial machines that require high accuracy. We focus on cast parts for automobiles and building machines as well as hydraulic cast parts. We have second-to-none performance in high quality and cost reduction for hydraulic pressure parts, which are considered to have the highest degree of difficulty among casting parts. We also excel in producing turbocharger parts, for which the demand has been growing in recent years. We have secured a certain share of the domestic Japanese market for hydraulic pressure gear pumps and turbochargers. Our motto is to make best use of our CAE casting system in order to shorten the delivery time of newly developed parts by reducing the amount of trial manufacturing. We also reduce costs by saving the prototype cost and various kinds of waste. We consider environmental preservation, such as energy saving and reducing industrial waste.


[Product description] We manufacture turbine housings used for turbochargers. These products are mainly applied to automobiles. We use ferrite system heat-resistant globular graphitic cast iron as a special material. These products can endure exhaust gas with a temperature up to 800 °C. Our high-quality turbine housing products receive high evaluations for the shape of the complicated gas route and the strict suppression of irregularity in dimensional accuracy. These factors are closely related to performance.

[Product description] We manufacture bodies used for hydraulic pressure gear pumps. Our products are utilized in a wide range of fields in society as hydraulic pressure sources. This includes the fields of industrial vehicles, building machines, agricultural machines, and specially equipped vehicles. Our products receive high evaluations from the manufacturers of hydraulic pressure gear pumps in terms of the service life of blades when used for processing and of gears after boarding. They are also positively evaluated for quality compared with products made by other companies.


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