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We develop, manufacture, and sell synthetic resin that satisfies various needs.

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells urethane, epoxy, and other resins that are customized to customer needs. We have a share of over 80% of the domestic Japanese market for moisture-proof board protection resin used in washing machines and water heaters. We also have a 50% share of the market for sealing resin used in water filters. We have set up overseas factories in Malaysia and China as well as a representative office in India. This is in addition to a number of production sites in South Korea and Taiwan through partnerships with local companies. Our company received the Excellence Award at the Monozukuri Japan Grand Award competition in 2007, and was selected as one of the 100 Global Niche Top Companies in 2014. 


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our strength lies in the fact that nearly half of our employees are engineers or ex-engineers. They have technology development capabilities allowing them to propose optimal resin solutions for individual companies’ problems. This is why most of our products are the outcomes of joint research with our customers. We try to get actively involved with relevant scientific societies and industry organizations, and join new standards and guidance formulation committees. Our goal is to get information as early as possible, and to offer useful products that address issues in the industry. 

[Business Description]
We use urethane, epoxy, and other resins as base materials to develop, manufacture, and sell synthetic resins with various functions. These include heat, water and moisture resistance, insulation, flame resistance, heat dissipation, and ultraviolet resistance. These products satisfy various needs from customers in the fields of electronic materials, semiconductor materials, LED lighting materials, and construction materials.

Development, manufacturing, and sales of epoxy, urethane, UV curing resins, and so on

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our strength lies in our development and manufacturing capabilities. Our engineers derive an optimal formula, mixing method, and pretreatment to create a customized synthetic resin that satisfies customer needs, which is difficult for general-purpose products. This is based on our extensive knowledge of the chemical properties of resin and resin additives. Our products are offered to various customers mainly in the electronics and semiconductor material fields, in addition to the LED lighting and construction material fields. We take on small lot orders. 

[Representative’s Message] 
We will work hard to expand globally as a technology-oriented company. This will be done by reinforcing the network of our Malaysia and China factories, India representative office, and production sites owned by Korean and Taiwanese partners. We will coordinate this from our head office factory. The twenty-first century is referred to as the century of the environment. We are required to create a recycling society where social activities and the environment coexist in harmony. Our company will continue to focus on developing products that are friendly to humans and the environment while satisfying various customer needs. These products include resins for high-luminance LEDs and hybrid car electric parts, eco-friendly anticorrosive coating, and sealing material for double-layer glass. Our aim is to become a company that contributes to the world.
[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion] 
Our organization is composed of seven divisions with different functions. These include general affairs and planning (administration), quality, production, business operations (technology, sales), development, material purchasing, and overseas operations. The business operations division has four departments: (1) electronic materials, (2) construction materials, (3) semiconductors, and (4) LED and lighting. This company structure allows our business operations and overseas operations divisions to execute and promote market cultivation and overseas expansion in coordination with other divisions. This is done according to the overall strategy planned by the general affairs and planning division (administration). 

[Market Share and Rank] 
Our moisture-proof board protection resin for washing machines and water heaters has a share of over 80% of the domestic Japanese market. Our sealing resin for water treatment filters also has over a share of 50% of the market. 

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