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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:11:39

Daiichi Ohmiya Co.,Ltd.

We manufacture and sell various resin transport and storage containers. 

Our company manufactures and sells transport and storage containers, partition boards, cushioning materials, and pallets using plastic panels, and we import and sell large resin containers. These products are delivered to a wide range of fields, including auto parts, electronic device components, food, medicine, quasi drugs, and cosmetics. We are the pioneer company in the Kansai region that manufactured plastic cardboard much earlier than the competition. We have a corporate philosophy of engaging in manufacturing that is friendly to people and the earth, and we pride ourselves on being gentle on our workers and the environment. We have been satisfying needs from auto parts manufacturers, food manufacturers, and airline companies since our establishment in 1974, while accumulating technological strength from these operations. 


[Product description] Light and strong: These boxes are made of low-foamability polypropylene, so they are lightweight and excel in rigidity and impact resistance. Stain resistant: Long-lasting antistatic treatment is applied to the surface, which avoids dust, and retains its antistatic effects even after repeated washing for long-term use. Safety design: These products have been carefully designed to ensure safety during loading and unloading to prevent hand and arm injuries. Friendly to the environment: These boxes are made of a single material, without any use of rivets or adhesives. They are blocks of plastic that can be collected and recycled to reduce the impact on the environment and CO2 emissions. The processing characteristics include the following. Special ruled line processing: Special ruled line processing is applied to reduce the resilience of the plastic, and to make it easy to fold. Enhanced compressive strength: The joints are welded with heat, so they are durable, and have higher buckling strength. Three-layer structure: The panels consist of foam and film layers, resulting in reduced weight and high functionality. Clean printing: The smooth surface allows for clean printing (such as a company name, and other design elements). Special ruled line processing: The sheets are bent twice, and welded with heat, which eliminates dust of any sort.