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We offer consignment design and manufacturing of foreign metal removers and separators that use magnets for removal and separation.

Our company designs, manufactures, and sells made-to-order removers, separators, and detectors for magnetic metals contained in powder or liquid material used for food, petrochemical, and electronics products. We manufacture unique slant-type permanent bar magnets and iron removers. This is done by making use of our past testing experience with regard to metal types and sizes, and the properties and characteristics of powders and liquids. Our products are equipped with a mechanism for automatically separating and discharging magnetic metals stuck to the magnet. We have shipped 300 units, 60 of which were delivered abroad. Their excellent maintainability is also a strong point. 

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[Company strength]
Most of our business is direct transactions. This is why our company can readily understand customer needs, accumulate know-how through joint testing and research, and utilize the results in our new products. We particularly excel at developing one-of-a-kind products by freeing ourselves from the shackles of convention. In the field of welding technology we quickly succeeded in reducing the plate thickness of a stainless cylinder (magnet container) to 0.2 mm by introducing YAG laser welding machines. This success enabled us to differentiate ourselves from Chinese products. Our slant type iron remover has removal performance that is 1.3 to 1.8 times higher than the conventional horizontal types. It is an industry-first product that is combined with our original “F” anti-adhesive steel plate surface treatment technology. 

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell applied magnet products. Our company designs, manufactures, and sells made-to-order removers, separators, and detectors for magnetic metals contained in powder or liquid material used for food, petrochemical, and electronics products. We also apply micro grinding (“F” anti-adhesive surface treatment), which we developed jointly with Tokushima University. This process is applied to the steel plate surfaces of existing hopper chutes and tanks (inner surfaces) to prevent or reduce powder deposition and plugging.


[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) Foreign metals are generally removed using detection, removal, and separation machines, our company possesses a unique technology, mechanism, and device for removing metals. These consist of (a) a slant type permanent bar magnet (2 to 15 steps) and (b) an iron remover. There is also (c) a mechanism for automatically separating and discharging magnetic metals attached to the magnet (patented). We have shipped 300 units so far, of which 60 units have been shipped overseas, but we have not heard of any trouble as they excel in maintainability. 
(2) Our “F” anti-adhesive surface treatment was born a result of a joint research project with Tokushima University. It is a fine processing technology that uses diamond abrasives and manual work. No coating is involved, so there is no contamination from flaking. It can be shaped in any form within the reach of the worker’s hand. Appropriate surface roughness varies depending on the properties of the powder, so we always conduct a selection test before applying it. 

[Representative's message]
Powder is contaminated with metal in some way or another if a pulverization process is involved before the powder is made. This phenomenon is the same anywhere in the world. However, it seems that the need for our level of quality is not apparent in the overseas market. There are hidden needs, but price is valued more than performance. I feel that it will take a little more time before the quality awareness is heightened. This is why I think our participation in overseas exhibitions will be once every few years, depending on industry needs (added value) and the capital investment situation at the time. We are currently training contract employees in Taiwan, with the goal of developing the Taiwanese and Chinese markets. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We hope to prepare appropriate arrangements and organizational frameworks for each project, depending on the customer’s request, and other considerations that we discover when we meet. 

[Market share/Ranking]
(1) Automatic cleaning iron remover: Acquired the largest share of the domestic Japanese market.
(2) “F” anti-adhesive surface treatment: A unique steel plate surface treatment technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

[Awards and media coverage]
Tokushima New Business Conference Special Technology Award (2002); Tokushima New Business Conference Excellent Support Award (2009); Best Technology Award at Shikoku Technology Grand Award (2010). 

Tokushima Shimbun (October 2009).

[Joint research and development]
Tokushima University: Behavior analysis on powder deposited on steel plates (2006-2012). Tokushima University: Heat transfer enhancing effect of “F” anti-adhesive surface treatment on steel plates (since 2013). 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toyota Boshoku (pneumatic transport magnet for injection molding line, 2013, and magnetization regenerative magnet, 2014); Toyota Motor (raw material for rechargeable batteries, bar magnet for testing, 2014); Panasonic (self-cleaning magnet for sealing material in Japan, Shanghai, and Thailand, 2003-2010); Asahi Kasei (tilted, self-cleaning magnet for cellulose, 2010); Tosoh (automatic cleaning magnet for resin pellet, 2005-2012); Tsumura (“F” anti-adhesive steel plate surface treatment on spray dryer interior, 2013); others, including a major petrochemical company; many food manufacturers. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Panasonic Shanghai and Thailand (automatic cleaning magnet for sealing material, 2007-2010); Nitto Denko (Malaysia) (automatic cleaning magnet for sealing material, 2005-2008); Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Guangzhou, China (magnetic separator for resin, 2010-2014); Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Engineering-Plastics (Shanghai) (magnetic separator for resin, 2012-2013); Chang Chun Petrochemical in Taiwan (iron remover, 2014); others. 

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