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Digital Signal Technology, Inc.

We are an R&D company that has a good track record in communications devices and special measuring instruments.

Our company develops communications devices and special measuring instruments. Our expertise lies in high-frequency (DC to 20 GHz) analog signal processing, as well as digital signal processing. We have a good track record in product development in these fields. We have also developed signal generation units under our own brand, which have been adopted as electronic components embedded in semiconductor test devices. In our consignment design and development business we have developed wireless telemetry devices for satellites, MRI transmitter/receivers, optical measuring instruments, and so on. We received a letter of appreciation from Tokyo University in recognition of our contribution to the development of a microsatellite that was loaded on the Hayabusa 2 satellite. 

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Sales Pitch

Development of signal generators, components of small satellites, and communications equipment
We can flexibly respond to customer needs based on the extensive knowledge and experience we have acquired for over 25 years through the development and design of high-frequency technology and communications equipment.
We develop and sell our product in-house as a manufacturer, so we can offer reasonable prices and short turnaround times.
We can offer technology consulting services with respect to the details of technology and specifications of products we have imported from overseas manufacturers.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has been committed to the development and manufacturing of high-frequency products since our establishment in 1992. We are a group of experts that has accumulated a wide range of technologies throughout this period, while always devoting ourselves to self-improvement to quickly meet various needs. We offer various signal generation units under our own brand, and provide proposals for semi-customization. This is so that customers can use high-performance products conveniently at a low cost, and with a short lead time. 

[Business description]
Our company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells various communications devices and special measuring instruments. We particularly excel at processing analog signals in a frequency range from DC to 20 GHz, in addition to digital signals. We develop, manufacture, and sell signal generation units under our own brand. We also offer a wide range of products, including MRI transmitter/receivers, optical measuring instruments, high-performance/high-reliability wireless telemetry devices for satellites, and other products for the space industry. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our signal generation units are embedded in industrial machinery and semiconductor test devices as an electronic component. The main feature of our products is that they are compact and inexpensive, with only the necessary functions for their purpose. In the development process these units can be considered as an alternative to expensive measuring instruments that may cost tens of millions of yen. Our units are widely used among research institutions, universities, and development departments in the private sector. This is because high-performance measuring instruments that are usually expensive can be conveniently provided to individual staff members, without having to share them in a group. Our products modularize signal generating parts and peripheral parts, which are technically difficult, so these units make it easier for non-expert users to introduce this technology in their own products. 

[Representative's message]
Our company supplies high-quality, low-priced products based on our years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of high-speed logic products, RF circuits, and signal generating units. We cherish each of the development projects we have completed. There have been times when we wondered what to do because of high technical hurdles. However, the sense of accomplishment and diligence generated from our successful experiences has brought about creative originality within the organization. Our employees’ persistent efforts and our environment including so many measurement instruments are also part of what keeps us going. Our signal generation units have become popular for use as prototypes, embedded products, test devices, and compact measuring devices for benchmarking. We invite you to look at the cost performance with your own eyes. We can make proposals in the consignment design and development field based on our extensive experience in developing wireless communication technology to materialize various customer seeds as actual products. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has long been dealing with major companies’ R&D divisions, research institutions, and universities, and our organization is quite capable of such arrangements. We participated in the MTT-S exhibition in 2013, after which we received inquiries from trading companies in Taiwan, Korea, France, and Singapore requesting to become our sales agents. We have concluded contracts with them, which has led to our current situation. Our organization has been getting ready for overseas expansion to cultivate markets. Preparations are proceeding smoothly, as our English-speaking personnel have finished participating in seminars (e.g., “Presentation Seminar” and “Export Contracts”). These were given by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan, JETRO, and SME University. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Figures are not currently available. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Letter of appreciation from JAXA regarding the development of the world’s first space yacht.
Letter of appreciation from Tokyo University regarding our contribution to the development of a microsatellite that was loaded on Hayabusa 2.
“High Frequency Circuits in the GHz Era” was published in 2003 (Masaru Aoki, representative director of our company, is a co-author of this book). 

[Joint research and development]
We have many other products in addition to applications of the products and technologies noted above. These include a QPSK demodulator for satellite earth stations, a frequency convertor for digital terrestrial broadcast evaluation tests, and a clock regeneration module (used in a beam transmission device). We developed a signal generator for active seismic sources (used in crustal research) and a phase measuring device for high-frequency heating (used in medical settings). We also developed a microphase measuring device for underground surveys, and so on. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
There have been many instances of our joint development with universities, laboratories, and R&D departments in the private sector, and many of our products have been adopted by these organizations. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We participated in the MTT-S exhibition in 2013, after which we received many inquiries from overseas companies requesting to become our sales agents. We have already entered into contracts with these companies, which are located in multiple countries, and started to export our products. Our products are marketed directly if there is no agency in a particular country. We can directly and quickly respond to any technical questions from end users, regardless of whether or not there is an agency. The satellite component shown in the JAXA catalog was created as a result of consignment manufacturing, and we are allowed to sell it on the condition that we obtain permission from JAXA. We assume that this component can provide good opportunities to show our technology to the world.

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