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Latest update: 10/01/2020 14:25:09

Satsuma Souken Co., Ltd.

We have a track record in the field of resin products as countermeasures against heat radiation from electronic devices.

We are a resin product manufacturer and distributor. Our main products are highly heat-conductive adhesives and resin moldings. Our Netsu-Gomu® heat rubber product is selling particularly well among electronic device manufacturers. This is because it fits closely to the shape of a heat source, and facilitates heat dissipation by minimizing thermal resistance. The measurement of thermal conductivity is also the theme of our joint R&D project with Kumamoto University. We currently intend to focus on expanding our domestic Japanese market, and we will increase overseas sales through sales agencies. 


Sales Pitch

Super-flexible thermal conductive resin (“Netsugomu®”)
These products have extremely high flexibility, insulation, and heat conductivity. You can reduce interface resistivity of a heat source as much as possible, even if it has a complicated boundary. 

The most flexible heat dissipation sheets in the industry whose hardness is 0 at ASKER Durometer Type C
Heat can be dissipated without giving stress because the sheets can be flexibly put on an irregular surface, such as those of coils and circuit boards. 
We also offer custom products, trial manufacturing with a short turnaround time, and consigned development of products used as countermeasures against heat. 
We have been working with CHIYODA INTEGRE CO., LTD. regarding manufacture of Netsugomu® to improve our systems for supply and BtoC.
Examples of processing and applications
Examples of processing and applications (1)
○ R7 series: These products have extremely high flexibility, insulation, and heat conductivity. You can reduce interface resistivity of a heat source as much as possible, even if it has a complicated boundary. 
<Main applications>
Super luminosity LED modules, inverters, converters, small motors, PLCs, and so on
○ R6 series: Surface viscosity is reduced compared to the R7 series to acquire appropriate elasticity so that workability and vibration-damping properties are improved and high heat conductivity is maintained. 
<Main applications>
Inverters, converters, servomotors, and so on
○ Custom products
We flexibly offer custom specifications to meet customer needs, such as high heat conductivity (more than 4 W/mK), electromagnetic wave absorption, and lamination of sheets with different characteristics. 
<Main applications>
Measuring instruments, image analyzers, and so on
○ PANDA series
R7S with higher viscosity is applied to one surface based on high capability to follow interfaces of R7M in order to acquire a directional property of viscosity. 
Maintenance at the time of reworking is facilitated. 
An insulator-metal layer can be enclosed in the case of applications that need a specific thickness. 
<Main applications>
DSC, LED modules, and so on
Examples of processing and applications (2)
○ R13M
This Netsugomu has low viscosity. Its flexibility and heat conductivity, similar to those of R7M, are maintained, and its workability is improved. In addition, it is a model designed for price competitiveness. We can propose various applications. 
<Main applications>
Inverters, converters, power supply coils, motors, heat dissipation of circuit boards, and so on
○ R14M
Low molecular siloxane of D10 or less is reduced to less than 60 ppm for this type. Hardness of less than 5 at ASKER Durometer Type C was achieved. 
We succeeded in reducing generation of siloxane gas and achieving high flexibility, interface adhesion, and insulation properties. 
<Main applications>
MFP, mobile batteries, switchers, heat dissipation of airtight housing circuit boards, and so on

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our representative director has been developing resin products for many years in the electronic device industry. We can make practical suggestions for actual uses based on this experience, and quickly develop products following the desired specifications. We can manufacture products in high-mix low-volume production on an as-needed basis. 

[Business description]
We are a developer and manufacturer of heat-conductive adhesives and resin moldings. Our Netsu-Gomu® heat rubber product has been adopted by many electronic device manufacturers as a countermeasure against heat radiation from electronic devices, which are being mounted with increasingly high densities. Its high flexibility allows to match the shape of the heat source, which minimizes thermal resistance and helps disperse heat. This product can be manufactured in high-mix low-volume production. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our main product is Netsu-Gomu® heat rubber. It offers flexibility in terms of adjusting its hardness, so it can be made to be quite flexible compared to standard products (such as Sarcon sheets). This feature makes heat dispersion measures more effective by maximizing adhesion to the heat source surface, and thus expanding the contact area. Another feature of our company is that we can quickly develop appropriate products for the usage you require by applying our know-how regarding blending various resins and fillers. 

[Representative's message]
We feel deeply grateful for being able to continue our business through the relentless pursuit of technology without forgetting the basics. We will continue to work hard so that we can satisfy your expectations as a developer and creator of innovative products. We mostly focus on the domestic Japanese market, but we actively support overseas deliveries and purchases through sales agencies. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Sales activities and actual sales to major customers are handled by three sales agencies (Hoei Denki, Micro Summit, and Hakuto). These sales companies handle both domestic Japanese and overseas sales for us, and they have sales representatives who are knowledgeable about our products.

[Awards and media coverage]

Electronic Device Industry News; Century; Chemical Daily; and so on.

UL standard (one item, R7M).

[Joint research and development]
We have an ongoing contract research project with Kumamoto University on thermal conductivity measurement for heat-radiating resin. 

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