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Latest update: 02/02/2020 08:54:38

Okayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Our patented wear-resistant resin products have been adopted by many companies.

We are an industrial rubber product manufacturer and distributor. Our company developed and patented a urethane rubber joint that has excellent wear resistance. Our joints have been sold to powder and refined oil-related manufacturers, with an increasing sales volume that accounts for 20 to 30% of total sales. Orders can be placed in any quantity from a single piece. We plan to utilize J-GoodTech to accelerate our market cultivation.

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Sales Pitch

We offer completely new-type joints.
These products are safe.
Our joints comply with the Food Sanitation Act. We can provide complete data with regard to the joints. The insides of the joints have no irregular surfaces, so no powder accumulates and no mold forms. Welding with a high-frequency welder for polyethylene bags and the like has been performed for a long time. Although we can perform welding of up to about 0.5 millimeters thick with this method, wavelike projections are generated on welded surfaces, which may cause powder to accumulate. We perform special welding with a heat plate for urethane joints. With this method, we can avoid irregular surfaces and perform welding of up to about 3 millimeters thick. These are the characteristics that contributed the most to obtainment of a patent.
The possibility of foreign matter being included in our joints is extremely low.
Among different types of rubber, urethane is so strong in that it reminds us of the term “wear resistance,” which is the most notable characteristic of urethane as a material. Urethane joints have high tensile and tearing strength, so they are not easily torn when used. A person working at a manufacturing company told us that “We can judge when to replace a joint by condition. We replace it when it deteriorates and becomes softer.” You can use them without any anxiety.
Our joints are best suited for vibration sieves.
Urethane has high tensile and tearing strength, in addition to high wear resistance. I visited a manufacturer to explain our products after we had received an inquiry from them. I was surprised when I looked at their equipment at the site. A large vibration sieve, which was slightly larger than a bathtub for family use, was furiously vibrating. It was vibrating so much that I became a little overwhelmed and thought, “Is urethane with a thickness of 1 millimeter sufficient for this?” To be honest, I became a little worried. They used joints that were made of two pieces of 1 millimeter thick natural rubber, which are bonded, and told us “They only last two weeks." They replaced them with our urethane joints and my worries were blown away. Our “ester; 1 millimeter thick; 70°” product was enough, and it has been used continuously since then. It showed that urethane joints are reliable.
Tips for how to install a joint:
1. If the length of a portion for installation is short, a joint may become dislodged due to vibration. 
2. If it is too long, a wrinkle may form on the joint, causing deterioration of its durability because force concentrates on the portion. In the case of vibration sieves, our products work effectively when they are installed in a portion of appropriate length.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our urethane rubber joint is a unique product for which 2 patents have been granted.
This product is delivered directly to Japan’s major powder-related companies. It is continuously used because its distribution cost is kept to the minimum. The sales performance is quite astonishing, which indicates the value of this product.
Each piece is hand-crafted. We receive orders from single pieces, and deliver made-to-order products anywhere in Japan (shipping is charged in some cases). A tapered type is also available.
You can try a free prototype. Simply tell us the size you need. We will deliver it for free, so please do not hesitate. 

[Business description]
We run a small backstreet-type workshop and manufacture industrial rubber products. We are based in Kobe, which is traditionally known as the birthplace of industrial rubber production in Japan. Our company developed a urethane joint about 20 years ago, in response to a request from Hyogo’s largest chemical product manufacturer for a joint that had excellent wear resistance. We have received repeat orders from this manufacturer almost every month since then, with increasing quantities. This urethane joint was later recognized by Kobe Industrial Promotion Center, which subsequently led to a subsidy and 2 patents. Our urethane joints are now used by many major Japanese companies in their powder-related operations. We recommend these products because experience has taught us that good products are sure to be recognized regardless of the scale of business. 

Industrial rubber product manufacturing and distribution

[Strength of products/technologies]
Urethane has such excellent wear resistance and other mechanical strengths that it is generally described as the king of rubber. This strength indicates that it is extremely unlikely for a joint to wear off and contaminate a product.
You can use the material at ease because it conforms to the Food Sanitation Law.
Cloth joints and silicon joints are also frequently used, but cloth joints do not conform to the Food Sanitation Law. They may look reasonable, but they are far less durable than urethane joints. On the other hand, silicon joints are generally quite expensive, but they have much lower wear resistance than urethane joints.
Our products can be used with tapered goods. Possible applications include chutes, flange joints, covers, and various other uses.

[Representative's message]
Our urethane joints are manufactured in a small backstreet-type workshop. We have been receiving orders for our products from a certain chemical product manufacturer almost every month for approximately 20 years. 
We manufactured 75 types (sizes) of joints for a cornstarch manufacturer. Almost all of the joints in their plant could have been replaced by our urethane joints.
An engineer from a spice manufacturer commented, “I can’t believe there’s a joint like this!” We want all companies in Japan to use our wonderful joints, and realize significant cost reductions. We hope to apply our products in many fields. These include food (e.g., spices), pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, powder coating, industrial chemicals, animal oil, and vegetable oil, as well as related machines and maintenance service providers.
Note: “This product as well as its manufacturing method and equipment are protected by patent.” Manufactured goods that make use of this technology cannot be brought into Japan from overseas. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We do not have much in the way of advertising capabilities as we are a small backstreet-type workshop. However, we are giving it our best efforts.
In December 2014 we were invited to participate in Sangyojin OB Net by the Hyogo Economic Development Center. We gave a 1-hour presentation to 30 participants on 6th floor of Crystal Tower (37-story building in front of JR Kobe Station). It was a huge success.
Our company has now been taken up by J-GoodTech. We hope to appeal to companies nationwide with J-GoodTech’s advertising capabilities.
There is a successor for the business, and we hope to expand operations. Our primary focus should be the domestic market. However, the eldest son of the president is a high school English teacher, and he can respond to inquiries from overseas. We also sincerely hope to do business with Japanese companies operating abroad. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Our urethane joint is the first of its kind both in Japan and abroad. It is a patented product that has acquired 100% of the market.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kaneka, Tokai Carbon, Toyo Tanso, Nippon Carbon, SEC Carbon, NUC, Toda Kogyo, Sanwa Starch, San-ei Sucrochemical, Nihon Cornstarch, Kogo Starch, Shikishima Starch, Futamura Chemical, Kaneka Sun Spice, S&B Foods, Koueki Shokuhin, Showa Kasei Kogyo, and EarthTechnica. There are many other powder-related manufacturers that tested our product in their prototypes. 

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ