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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:09:42

Toua Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Our company has a major presence in the field of nonferrous metal mirror surface grinding.

We deal with nonferrous metal surface processing. We have been accumulating experience and know-how since our foundation in 1961. We have confidence in mirror surface grinding. We have a track record in processing luxury bicycle parts and grinding water faucet fittings. We have a 70% share of the global market in the field of parts for luxury racing bicycles. We have a 60% share of the domestic Japanese market in the field of water faucet fittings. We have introduced a universal automatic fabric machine. This has contributed to our mass production and high-mix low-volume production capabilities. It also controls quality fluctuations and saves labor. We also manufacture and sell grinding-related materials. 


[Product description] We are a grinding manufacturer that possesses mirror surface grinding technology, with technology and trust cultivated during our half-century of history. We can support a wide range of client needs for the gloss, glaze, etc., necessary for luxury design parts. We make full use of a universal automatic fabric machine, few of which have been installed in Japan. This has enabled us to realize our capacity for mass and high-mix low-volume production, quality stabilization (controlling quality fluctuations), and labor saving (cost competitiveness). We also support prototypes and mass production products with short delivery periods. Our original grinding technology is one of our strengths. We have been cultivating this technology since our foundation in our business of grinding water faucet fittings. We have established a high-level production system by introducing our accumulated grinding skill into both human resources and equipment with a good balance between them. This is how we have established a firm relationship of trust with our clients. This includes priority treatment of orders to us, and requests for technological consultation about surface finishing. [Market share/Ranking] We have a share of approximately 70% of the global market for parts for luxury racing bicycles. We have a share of approximately 60% of the domestic Japanese market for parts for water faucet fittings. [Authorization/Certification] None. [Intellectual property] None. [Major facilities and equipment] Grinding/fabric lace table (grinding equipment), universal automatic fabric machine (fabric processing equipment), 30-inch rotary (fabric processing equipment), ball mill (for manufacturing liquid grinding material), kneader (for manufacturing solid body grinding material), fabric roller (for fabric manufacturing), and lathe (for wheel manufacturing).

[Product description] We manufacture and sell urethane products. This material is superior to rubber material. We receive high evaluations from the industry. Urethane material has advantages compared to rubber material. It has 5 to 10 times the durability, as well as wear resistance and a higher friction coefficient. We have a good track record of making full use of these features for contact wheels, pulleys, and carriage vehicle tires for rotary objects. Roll and roller products for conveyance machines are expanding, so our goal is to increase our receipt of orders for these products.