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Toua Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Our company has a major presence in the field of nonferrous metal mirror surface grinding.

We deal with nonferrous metal surface processing. We have been accumulating experience and know-how since our foundation in 1961. We have confidence in mirror surface grinding. We have a track record in processing luxury bicycle parts and grinding water faucet fittings. We have a 70% share of the global market in the field of parts for luxury racing bicycles. We have a 60% share of the domestic Japanese market in the field of water faucet fittings. We have introduced a universal automatic fabric machine. This has contributed to our mass production and high-mix low-volume production capabilities. It also controls quality fluctuations and saves labor. We also manufacture and sell grinding-related materials. 

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[Company strength]
1. Our original grinding technology is one of our strengths. It has been cultivated in our grinding of water faucet fittings since our foundation. We receive high evaluations from many companies for our mirror surface grinding technology. This is how we have established firm relationships of trust with our clients, including priority treatment of orders to us, and requests for technological consultation about surface finishing.
2. We can perform in-house manufacturing and procurement of various materials (grinding material and various fabric wheels) and parts that are indispensable for grinding. This is how we can make a low-cost, advanced selection of materials compared with our competitors.
3. Most of our staff who are involved in hand grinding (belt and fabric), which is our main business, are in their twenties to thirties. We are doing our best to promote all-round technicians and their education. We are a company in which the younger-generation staff are active and vigorous. 

[Business description]
1. We offer various types of metal surface grinding (such as aluminum and brass tubes).
(1) Mirror surface grinding for luxury bicycle parts.
(2) Grinding for water faucet fittings.
2. We manufacture and sell various grinding materials.
(1) Various fabrics and items related to contact wheels (such as urethane and urethane sponge).
(2) Grinding materials (liquid and solid body).

Metal processing

[Strength of products/technologies]
1. We have a history of about 50 year as a grinding manufacturer. We excel at nonferrous metal mirror surface finishing. We can also support customer needs in terms of the gloss, glaze, etc., necessary for luxury design parts.
2. We have realized mass production and high-mix low-volume production capabilities, quality stabilization (control of quality fluctuations), and labor saving (cost competitiveness). This was done by making the best use of our universal automatic fabric machine. We also support prototypes and mass production products with short delivery periods.

[Representative's message]
We have been receiving high evaluations for our nonferrous metal grinding technology from various companies since our foundation in 1961. We have been working to reinforce our quality, technology, and human resources in order to enhance our enterprise value and order-receiving capabilities. We will provide our unique technology for supporting various customer needs. We hope to promote the development of new products based on our urethane manufacturing technology, and to actively expand into new business areas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our goal is to expand our base of new customers in Japan and abroad by making use of our grinding technology and urethane manufacturing technology (grinding material). Please feel free to contact us for grinding material procurement and the production of custom-made items. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a share of approximately 70% of the global market for parts for luxury racing bicycles. 
We have a share of approximately 60% of the domestic Japanese market for parts for water faucet fittings.

[Awards and media coverage]


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