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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:03:18


We are expanding our operations centering on heat treatment, coating, and surface treatment.

We are engaged in the heat treatment, coating, and surface treatment processing of metal parts on consignment. We have a proven track record of heat treatment processing, particularly the quenching of parts such as bicycle parts, automotive parts, and agricultural machinery parts, as well as home building parts and tools. We perform coating of screw heads and excel at spray coating and baking finishing of small metal products. We have developed a thin film highly corrosion resistant treatment called “ZICOLLUM” which provides adhesiveness, weather resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, etc. without using chromium, thin film high corrosion resistance, and hydrogen embrittlement resistance for surface treatment. We aim to expand sales of ZICOLLUM as an eco-friendly surface treatment and thus expand our operations.


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[Company strength]
We make proposals that take into consideration the overall quality from materials to surface treatment. We also make proposals that integrate a broad range of technologies and services from many partner companies. We focus on human resources development: over 80% of our employees working in heat treatment related departments are qualified as heat treatment technicians. We also have employees who have passed the QC test and are qualified as skilled craftsmen in other engineering qualifications. Thus, we are constantly improving ourselves.

[Business description]
We are engaged in the heat treatment, coating, and surface treatment processing of metal parts on consignment from metal part manufacturers. We perform mainly quenching heat treatment of various metal parts such as bicycle parts, automotive parts, agricultural machinery parts, home building parts, and tools. We also perform coating of screw heads, as well as spray coating and baking finishing. Our heat treatment provides an eco-friendly highly corrosion resistant coating, for which we completed a mass-production system in March of this year. We aim to provide a one-stop system for accepting orders by using our network of partners for technologies that we cannot provide in-house.

Heat treatment, coating, and surface treatment processing of metal parts

[Strength of products/technologies]
We excel in performing the eco-friendly highly corrosion resistant coating treatment called “ZICOLLUM”. We started accepting orders for ZICOLLUM treatment in March 2014, utilizing our baking and coating technologies developed over the years in heat treatment and coating. We provide completely chromium-free coatings by using an aluminum-zinc base coat. We have passed the 2,000 hours salt spray test with a thin film of 10 μm by applying an additional top coat on the base coat. We acquired certification by the Japan Housing and Wood Technology Center in March 2014. Our product strengths in heat treatment and coating are as follows:

Heat treatment: carburization, carbonitriding, aluminum alloy T6 treatment
Coating: acrylic coating, functional coating (antimicrobial, soft-touch)

[Representative's message]
We have just launched a system operating in both Japan and Thailand. We perform 70% of carburization heat treatment and 30% of coatings in Japan, and have recently started to offer highly corrosion resistant zinc-aluminum coating treatment. We aim to become a solution service company that can make proposals based on a one-stop system spanning a broad range from material reforming to surface treatment. We intend to invest in clean room coating, aluminum heat treatment furnaces, ceramic kilns (for household fuel cell parts), surface treatment lines, expanding overseas, and so forth. We continue to focus on developing technologies and sales, to provide technologies and services necessary in Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The company structure is composed of the sales division, production division, general affairs division, development division, and quality management division. We accept orders for treatments other than quenching and coating to help customers reduce their management costs and lead time by using our extensive network. We established a job venture specialized in heat treatment in Thailand in December 2013 for overseas business. We have dispatched two employees to Thailand as a base for overseas business.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the highest market share in the heat treatment of bicycle parts (as a major business partner of Shimano Inc.) and screw coating.

[Awards and media coverage]
Awarded “Excellent company in quality management promotion in Osaka” (2006), selected as “Competitive IT Strategy SME Selection 100” METI (2006), selected as one of the “1,400 Job-Creating Companies” METI (2009), awarded “Monozukuri craftsmanship blue-chip company award in Osaka” (2010), selected as one of the “KANSAI 100 vibrant Monozukuri craftsmanship companies” (2011), and selected as “Company supporting and training people with disabilities in Osaka”.


ISO 9001:2008, KES Environmental Management System Standard, Step 2

[Joint research and development]
Osaka Prefecture University (heat storage materials)

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ