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Latest update: 06/03/2019 15:12:42

Knowledge Foresight Inc.

Expanding business in the big data and information system development.

Knowledge Foresight Inc. is a boutique firm to plan, design and develop information system. The company has good records of delivering seismic monitoring system and database of scientific literature to many national research institutes. The company has expanded its business to develop big data in earth science field embodying earthquake catalog and AMeDAS data, monitoring system for environmental disaster prevention and its original high - precison barometer, data logger. The company also works on joint development utilizing its network with overseas (a subsidiary in New York and business partners in Beijing) as well as consulting on streamlining of business operations and computer usage, etc. 

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[Company strength]
Our strength is an integrated ability to design and develop network and software and to monitor and process observed data comprehensively by ourselves. Among environmental disaster prevention, we particularly have good records in the seismic observation. We have been in charge for development, repair, and maintenance of surveys and research systems for national research institutions and universities. We can customize the methods of data recording, transmission and web display according to our clients’ needs. We have also developed our original data logger (KPL-Xv1) which adapts for a specialized sensor. We have established our developmental environment by adding virtualization method to 20 servers. In 2013, we have started building and operating big database in earth science field (ie. earthquakes and weather information) and continued to seek efficient usage of these data.

[Business description]
We have mainly developed database system and real-time monitoring system for national surveys and research. 
●We create and improve the big database in the earth science field by adding original search functions (Seismic catalog: about 2.5 million all seismic events that Japan Meteorological Agency releases to the public, AMeDAS database: all events in the last 40 years, updated daily). These databases are accessible on our web-site. 

●We are monitoring the seismic data recorded at more than 40 observation points and observed data of several sensors in real time. We are recently developing more affordable, easy-to-maintain monitoring system using smartphone and cloud technology. We would like to apply our monitoring systems to various fields regardless of the size and the industry in the future. 

Information and communications

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our monitoring system can handle seismic data which requires high sampling rate (more than 100Hz) and which tends to become very big in size. We can combine and display the obtained seismic data with various other data such as geographical and spatial information utilizing open source technology. We are also currently developing a real-time hypocenter determination function. In 2014, we developed an original data logger (patent pending) which can be associated with high-precision barometer (significant 12-digit) and GPS which is used by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.  As we obtained know-hows of designing and developing hardware (logger) for specialized sensors from this experience, we believe we can adapt to any other sensors in the future.

[Representative's message]
Our company’s motto is “Creation of a new possibility”. We always want to be a creative challenger. Every one of us works as a specialist of their own field and plans and operates with their responsibility. We will keep challenging for new R&D and seek breakthrough. Please visit our web-site, particularly “K-Labo” page on which we release our research achievements. We continue to strive for expanding our environment disaster prevention monitoring system to not only within our country but also overseas, particularly where a lot of natural disasters are occuring. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have business contact at our General Affairs and Planning division and we are actively collecting information and promoting sales. Our president will meet our clients at face to face for substantive negotiations, while our senior engineers will correspond to any technical issues or inquiries. We aim to plan and solve problems in a timely manner. We have mostly dealt with specific large corporations in the past, but we would like to expand our services to more major firms in the future. We are prepared to deal with overseas in English. In 2014, we have established our subsidiary in the U.S. for international distribution. We also visited research institutions and universities in Vietnam in 2014 to promote exchanges of technologies in cooperation with some major firms and domestic universities.

[Market share/Ranking]
Most of our developments are customization of advanced R&D systems.

[Awards and media coverage]
Centralized management and time-sequence access of disaster information(The Daily Engineering & Construction News、2014/10/10)

[Joint research and development]
・River Disaster Prevention Monitoring System (Joint proposal with OYO Corporation and Ritsumeikan University to JICA, 2014)
・Crustal Deformation Monitoring System(Joint development with OYO Corporation and Hitachi Zosen, 2014)
・River Levee Database (Commissioned from Fukada Geological Institute, 2013)

[Intellectual property]
1 Patent pending (Application Number: 2014-130496)
1 Trademark registered (Registration Number: 5741800)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
・JNES (currently re-named to Nuclear Regulation Authority)/We received a commission from OYO Corporation to develop Kashiwazaki Seismic Observation System (vertical array, horizontal array) (2011-2013)・JOGMEC/We received a commission from OYO Corporation to develop Monitoring System of Underground Storage Gas Leakage Test at Namikata Base (2012)・Kyoto University/We received a commission from Fukada Geological Institute to develop Database of River Levee Suffer Examples (2013)・JCCS/We received a commission to develop Seismic Observation System of CCS Demonstration Experiment in Tomakomai, Hokkaido (2013)・We received a commission from Hitachi Zosen to develop GPS Continuous Observation Analysis System(2013-3014)・We transferred and maintained Research Results Disclosure System for National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)(2012-2014)

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