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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:09:23

Kirishima Seiko Co., Ltd.

We are accelerating our business expansion to the medical field with micro processing of difficult-to-machine materials.

Our company is engaged in precision metalworking, and we are expanding our business mainly in the optical communications, semiconductor, medicine, and space and aeronautics fields. We have confidence in our micro processing of such difficult-to-machine materials as Kovar, 42/50 Fe-Ni, and SUS. We independently developed a curve machining method capable of maintaining quality with fewer processes than the conventional method. We propose short lead times and low costs to our customers. We plan to accelerate our business expansion in the medical field as well, with both domestic and overseas expansion in mind.


[Product description] We process conventional optical communication parts and semiconductor parts and also metal parts for medical equipment using our precision metalworking. Our company excels at micro processing of difficult-to-machine materials such as Kovar, 42/50 Fe-Ni, SUS, OFHC, etc. We recently advanced into a field related to medicine and we are working hard every day on technical improvement and cost reduction. We make technical proposals (VA) to customers and are establishing a cooperation system for integration with customers to further reduce costs and provide high, stable quality. We provide the customer’s requested quality for higher customer satisfaction, and meet short-term delivery requests wherever possible for higher trust. This method reduces production processes and costs, stabilizes quality, and shortens lead times. [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001, ISO 14001. [Major facilities and equipment] Machining centers, NC auto lathes, and wire cut EDM.


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