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ERG Co., Ltd.

Our company plates micro pins that are finer than hair.

Our company is engaged in plating, with a focus on precision parts for the electric, communications, and automotive industries. We have established precision plating technology by making use of the experience and knowledge we have accumulated throughout our history, since our establishment in 1947. We are experienced in precision plating for coil springs with a wire diameter of 16 μm in wire diameter. We also treat micro pins called plungers, which are finer than hair, with an outside diameter of 70 μm. We have confidence in internal plating for sac holes with a diameter of 1 mm and basket plating for special products having no catch portion. We are also proactively promoting global expansion by participating in overseas exhibitions and other activities.

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[Company strength]
Our company excels at precision plating for high-mix low-volume parts. We set the plating conditions depending on the conditions of the materials and provide products with stable quality that satisfy our customers. We believe that our abilities place us among the top three companies in Japan in the field of micro parts. Plating becomes more difficult as products become smaller, and the processing is done 100% manually. We have established fine plating technology and constructed a system in which workers plate products while confirming the product status during the process.

[Business description]
We are a plating company with the concept of offering precision plating for smaller and smaller parts. We handle small parts that are used in the electric (contact parts), communications (mobile phones), and automotive (sensors, etc.) fields.
Handled plating types: Gold (hard and electroless gold Au-Ni), silver (glossy and semi-glossy), nickel (matt, semi-glossy, and glossy), electroless nickel (Ni-P and Ni-B), copper (phosphor bronze, copper sulfate, and copper pyrophosphate), tin (semi-glossy and glossy), rhodium, and palladium nickel.

Metal surface treatment (plating)

[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) Precision plating for small parts: Plating coil springs with a wire diameter of 16 μm (μm: micrometer = 1/1,000 of one millimeter). We also plate micro pins called plungers with an outside diameter of 70 μm, which are finer than hair.  
(2) Internal plating on sac hole products: Internal plating for sac holes with a bore of 1 mm or less.
(3) Plating for products that readily attach or stick: Our company excels at basket plating. We conduct basket plating of products with shapes that are difficult to process by barrel or still plating. We can plate products that readily adhere or stick when rotated, or that lack catch portions because of their shapes.

[Representative's message]
Our concept of 2S Improvement Activities: Our company excels at precision plating small parts in high-mix low-volume production. We set plating conditions depending on the conditions of the materials and provide products with stable quality that satisfy our customers.
Confucius said, “One who knows is no match for one who likes. One who likes is no match for one who enjoys.” Our corporate philosophy "Working with Pleasure" is based on the Analects of Confucius. We want to be a company where "Working is Pleasure." We will make our company valuable for our customers, our employees, and our local area.
Plating is a kind of surface treatment that imparts various kinds of value and functionality to materials, such as anti-rust, electrical, and mechanical characteristics. Appearance is one of its important functions. We add value to products that are entrusted to us for plating (particularly improving the appearance). We would not be able to output good products from a disorderly factory. In handling various chemicals we naturally need to pay more attention to environmental conservation and management than companies in other business fields. From this point of view we think the 5S activities (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) are important in plating processes. This is in addition to the 2S activities (Safety and Security).

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are a part plating company, so we do not have much direct business with assembly manufacturers. However, our company has sales and technical staff who can accompany customers and hold meetings with major customers about surface treatment. We also have staff members who are proficient in English as well as Chinese staff with Japanese citizenship to attend to overseas customers in English and Chinese.

[Market share/Ranking]
We believe we are one of the top three companies among plating companies in Japan that handle micro parts.

[Awards and media coverage]
Excellence Prize at Business Innovation Award 2013, Association of Management Consultants Japan.

Gunma Keizai Shinbun, "Patent for Composite Plating with Gold and Carbon" (May 29, 2008).

ISO9001, Eco Action 21, and Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program.

[Joint research and development]
Shinshu University (National): Gold and carbon development. 
Gunma Industrial Technology Center: Gold and carbon development. 
Gunma University (National): Research on electrodes for secondary batteries (tin carbon).
Wind instrument performance support device: TAC.

[Transaction form]
Product processing, trial manufacturing and development, joint development, and other business as required.

[Transaction terms]
Based on customer terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We do business with contact manufacturers outside Japan.

[Exhibition History/Information]
June 2016: Participation in M-Tech (Tokyo Big Sight).
May 2016: Participation in Trial Manufacturing Market 2016 & Micro Manufacturing Technology Show (Ota-ku, Tokyo).
March 2016: Participated in FC EXPO, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (Tokyo Big Sight).
January 2016: Participated in SURTECH 2016 (Tokyo Big Sight).
October 2015: Participated in Kansai M-Tech (Intex Osaka).
September 2015: Participated in Difficult Manufacturing Technology Show 2015 (Pacifico Yokohama).
September 2015: Participated in SEMICON Taiwan 2015 (Taiwan).
July 2015: Participated in Techno Transfer Kawasaki (Kanagawa Science Park).
June 2015: Participated in M-Tech (Tokyo Big Sight).
May 2015: Participated in Trial Manufacturing Market 2015 & Micro Manufacturing Technology Show (Ota-ku, Tokyo).
February 2015: Participated in ENETEC Japan 2015 (Tokyo Big Sight).
February 2015: Participated in Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Fair 2015 (Techno Plaza Okaya in Nagano).
February 2015: Participated in Manufacturing Business Matching Fair (Makuhari Messe).
January 2015: Participated in SURTECH 2015 (Tokyo Big Sight).
October 2014: Participated in Monozukuri (Matching) Japan 2014 (Tokyo Big Sight).

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