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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:08:28

ODC Inc.

Expanding our new businesses on LED lighting and plant factory

Newly expanding into such businesses as development of featured LED
lighting, hydroponics unit for plant factory and producing vegetables with
the hydroponics units.
Developed a LED lighting tube with built-in reflector, named < alo >,  the
one and only device, being promoted to hydroponics operators, suppliers for plant factory and small businesses including shops, restaurants, etc.
as general lighting usage and lighting for photosynthesis.
Also selling hydroponics unit incorporated with the unique LED lighting <
alo > for effective vegetable production.
A unique business model to re-invest into promising new businesses from the earnings obtained from its main business such as outsourcing services for software development, call center and data entry, etc.

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[Company strength]
ODC Inc. has a company vision to invest into new businesses with good potential by allocating a financial assets obtained through stable main businesses such as program development / maintenance, call center, data entry, etc. and one of those new businesses is LED lighting tube and hydroponics related business, taking into account 
impact to environment ( LED as eco lighting ) and improtance of insecticide free vegetables. Patent has been applied for our unique and differentiating idea / technology and once it's registered in Japan, we plan to apply for international patent covering major markets to expand our business globally. 
We are flexible in making alliances with other companies having their own expertise to respond to customers' requirements with speed. 

[Business description]
ODC Inc. has developed LED lighting tube with built-in reflector ( patent applied under No. 2013-238482 ) names < alo > and has designated manufacturing partners produce such LED lighting tubes being sold, not only for general lighting, but also as lighting to grow plants to hydroponics factories, small sized businesses such as restaurants, shops, etc. 
Also we sell hydroponics unit equipped with our LED lighting < alo > as an effective solution to grow plants in a building, warehouse, etc. 
At the same time, we grow vegetables at our premise with such hydropoincs unit and sell
such vegetables as lettuce, basil, rocket, etc. which is insecticide free and eatable without cleansing, to bakeries, vegetable shops, etc.  

Developing LED lighting, unit for hydroponics, selling vegetables grown with own hydroponics unit

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our LED lighting tube with built-in reflector < alo >, under patent appication, has more than twice brighter in Lux and stronger in photosynthetically active radiation (PPFD), comparing to fluorescent light or normal LED lighting. 
We successfullygrew berries, tomatoes, professional turf, etc. with our < alo >, which
is otherwise difficult to grow with fluorescent light or normal LED lighting.
Its application is extended to complementary lighting for greenhouse, keeping flowers and plants as fresh as possible at shopfront, etc. 
Also we are discussing such application as ceiling light for high ceiling place such as warehouse, factory, lighting for hallway at hospital, etc. backlight for advertising board,
taking advantage of high illuminance. 

[Representative's message]
Our company aims to achieve profitability increase and contribution to the society through new businesses and our LED lighting tube < alo >, under patent application,
will surely contribute to reducing energy consumption, promoting safe and delicious vegetables without insecticide and chemical fertilizer, and revitalizing local cities where
businesses are shrinking due to population decrease, by proposing a practical business model to grow vegetables with hydroponics unit to distribute locally, etc. which, I believe,
has an important meaning socially.
I believe this approach can be extended, not only in Japan, but also globally with such
key words as energy saving, safe and healthy food and revitalizing local cities.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our Environmental Business Department is a small team, but such expertise as business development experience at large electronics company more than 30 years, multi-language communicartion including English, French and Russian is available to assure
direct communication with foreign partners, smooth alliance building with other large corporations. 
Also we are flexible in seeking for an alliance with other companies where we do not have
expertise to quickly respond to our customers' needs. 

[Market share/Ranking]
As we have started our business since April, 2014, most of our sales has been made as
pre-introduction, experimental basis only with 10 - 20 pieces each as of November, 2014.

[Awards and media coverage]
Our activity was introduced in one of the local newspaers, Kanagawa Shimbun in August, 2013. 

Patent for LED lighting tube with built-in reflector and hydroponics unit equipped with such LED tubes has been applied in November, 2013 and currently under review
by the authority. 

[Joint research and development]
Continuously reviewing specifications for our LED lighting tube < alo > in cooperation with our manufacturing partner, Ushio Lighting. ODC

[Intellectual property]
Currently applying for patent for LED lighting tube with built-in reflector and hydroponics unit equipped with such LED lighting tubes under No. 2013-238482

[Exhibition History/Information]
participated in the International Gift Show in September, 2014
will participate in Eco Products 2014 in December, 2014

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