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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:07:46

Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Our company dyes synthetic and natural fibers and develops and sells advanced fibers.

Our two mainline businesses are dyeing using yarn dyeing machines and sales of advanced fibers. Thunderon® conductive fiber, DEW® antibacterial fiber, and DEW® White anti-odor fiber were developed by our company, and they are widely known and used as high-tech fibers. Developing products in partnership with various industrial categories has infinite potential.


[Product description] Thunderon® is an organic conductive fiber that has a function of eliminating static electricity by corona discharge. This is a soft and durable fiber, which enables flexible product development. This fiber also has excellent antibacterial, anti-odor, heat storage, and heat retention functions. Our company developed this fiber by applying and improving conventional fiber processing technologies. Mitigation of static electricity: This fiber neutralizes positive or negative charge by generating the opposite charge on the charged item for the dielectric breakdown of air (corona discharge). It can be used to develop antistatic gloves, carpets, fabrics, and brushes for industrial use as well as OA equipment. Antibacterial, anti-odor, and deodorant functions: Digenite has antibacterial and anti-odor effects against staphylococcus and coliforms as well as a deodorant function to neutralize alkaline and acid smells. It can be used for underwear, socks, shoe inlays, uniforms, sportswear, and so on. Heat storage functions: Digenite absorbs solar light and near-infrared rays and converts them into thermal energy. Uses include cold-weather clothes for skiing, mountain climbing, and so on.


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