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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:07:44

Liberty Fish Co., Ltd.

We are striving to become the front-runner of system development in the Kansai region.

Our main lines of system development are digital camera and digital complex machine control systems, sales, manufacturing and retail sector backbone systems, and systems with Open Source Software (OSS) technology. We have become a leading OSS system developer in Japan since we became a Certified System Integrator and Certified Licensing Institution for the Ruby programming language. We developed a health watch product in addition to our consignment development. This is a health maintenance management system under our own brand, which we developed from the perspective of comprehensive medical care to cultivate new fields. 


[Product description] Our LHC service helps to prevent and improve lifestyle diseases. It consists of a cloud-type health support service and an application that works with wearable terminals. The service is intended to take proper care of the body to maintain health, rather than curing diseases. The system allows experts to interactively provide life-improving advice from a long-term perspective to prevent and improve lifestyle diseases. This new service offers appropriate advice for individual users by creating a database of vital data (e.g., weight, blood pressure) and behavior information (e.g., meals, amount of exercise). Each user enters this data via a computer, mobile phone, mobile terminal, phone, or fax, and experts (e.g., doctors, medical assistants, nutritionists) can continuously monitor the database. Its quality and functions have the following characteristics. Authorities in various fields and genres can form a team to overcome physical distance, and deliver high-quality services wherever and whenever they are needed. This is done by using the cloud and software technologies. Appropriate, customized advice is provided to each user without constraints of time and place. Data can be shared with healthcare devices and wearable terminals made by other manufacturers.