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Latest update: 10/01/2020 14:25:10

Kenic System Co., Ltd.

We provide a wide range of support to areas related to liquid crystals with a focus on LCD controllers.

We manufacture, develop, and sell controllers for small liquid crystals (LCD controllers). We have accumulated experience mainly in the areas of industrial equipment and devices, such as medical equipment and equipment for ships, which require small-lot, long-term production. We have accumulated extensive know-how in fields related to liquid crystals, such as custom-made LCD controllers that meet customer needs, screen design, and OEM design. This is how we can make proposals based on multiple points of view. We also use FPGAs in our controllers to minimize risk, so that a designed asset can be protected if manufacturing of the liquid crystal or the like is discontinued.

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Sales Pitch

We can handle various issues and requests regarding liquid crystals.
We have many achievements in the manufacture, screen design, OEM design, and so on of custom LCD controllers, which have been performed to meet customer needs. 
We have know-how in a wide range of fields related to liquid crystals, and therefore can make diversified proposals.
We have mainly provided our products and services to customers in the fields of industrial equipment and devices who need low-volume/long-term production with respect to medical care, ships, etc.
We use devices in which design can be easily changed for our LCD controllers. Therefore, even if the manufacture of a specific type of liquid crystal panels is discontinued, or a change is made to its specifications, you can handle them by making a change to the LCD controllers. 
In other words, you can deal with them with minimal effort and at a minimum cost even if the manufacture of a specific type of liquid crystal panels is discontinued, or a change is made to its specifications.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are the only company that specializes in the LCD controller IC business. These are IC chips for small liquid crystals. LCD controller ICs have recently been adopted in equipment and devices in various areas, such as robotics-related equipment, broadcast equipment, and parking equipment. This includes medical equipment, special measuring equipment, and heavy industrial machinery. We are now also receiving OEM orders in areas related to liquid crystals. We have accumulated a wide range of know-how in areas related to liquid crystals This is why we can support any trouble or requests from customers regarding liquid crystals.

[Business description]
[LCD controller business (liquid crystal related business)]
Business related to liquid crystal displays with a focus on LCD controllers is the core of our company. We receive high evaluations especially from customers for equipment and devices for small-lot, long-term manufacturing. Our company can make integrated proposals for equipment with liquid crystals, covering stages from development to mass production. We are now also promoting the development of our new LCD controller product. It can be used in developing equipment with liquid crystals more easily than conventional products, and can be used by more customers. 

Electronic equipment and electronic part design and manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We provide LCD controllers with a structure that resists production discontinuation.
We use devices in which the design is easily changeable (such as FPGAs) in our LCD controllers. This is how we can absorb changes on the controller side if production stoppage or specification changes occur. Production stoppages or specification changes frequently occur with some liquid crystal panels. We can deal with such risks with minimal labor and cost when the customer is involved in such a situation.

[Representative's message]
In the past I saw many companies that tried and failed to develop a business similar to ours. This is because this business is difficult. I adopted fluorescent display tubes by NEC when I used to be engaged in equipment development, but the business fell into a miserable situation because NEC discontinued production. I can understand the unimaginable stress experienced by on-site engineers. This is why it has been necessary to spend sufficient time developing this business. In 2006 we could finally turn to a surplus, in the seventh year from the start of this business. I hope to continue my support as a “convenient pocket” for engineers who have difficulties due to discontinued manufacturing. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned dedicated staff in charge of new transactions to our Tokyo office in order to be the point of contact in responses to inquiries from major companies. Engineers in charge of hardware and software, etc. (5 technical staff members) will support technical inquiries. They will visit the customer directly to discuss issues and to find solutions as necessary. We have arranged a system for transactions with overseas companies in which communication in English is possible. We also plan to upgrade the English pages on our website. We hope to expand our business to markets in North America and Europe. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a 100% share of the market for LCD controllers using FPGAs, because there are no equivalent products.

[Awards and media coverage]
CQ Publishing Co., Ltd.: article in “Graphic Display Modules: List of Applications” (Chapter 7); article in “How to Select and Use a Small Liquid Crystal Display” (Chapter 4). 

[Joint research and development]
We have not yet been involved in the LCD controller business, but we have an extensive track record in the OEM business. 
Joint development of a control circuit for an artificial satellite, since 2007, with a university. Joint development of a special DC/AC converter for solar power generation, since 2010, with an electric power company. Joint development of a lithium battery charging and discharging system for electric cars, since 2008, with a university; and many other cases.

[Other sites]
Tokyo business office

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have an extensive delivery record mainly to major medical equipment manufacturers, ship equipment manufacturers, and heavy machinery manufacturers.

[Exhibition History/Information]
ESEC 2006–2009.
Embedded Technology 2005, 2009.
Shanghai Automation Show 2013 (overseas).
Guangzhou Industrial Automation Show 2014 (overseas).

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