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Latest update: 20/01/2020 11:56:09

Yamashita Works Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer specializing in molds for the automobile and pharmaceutical industries, as well as mirror finishing systems.

Our main line of business is to make and sell mold parts for the automobile industry (pins, punches), the pharmaceutical industry (pounders, mortars), and our own mirror finishing systems. We have absolute confidence in our mirror finish processing for pins and punches. It decreases defects from press forging and extends the mold’s service life, in addition to its beautifying effects. Beautifully mirror-finished pounders and mortars have less frictional resistance, so the manufactured tablets do not adhere to the pounder, which results in fewer tableting failures. These mirror finish elements are our patented technology. 

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Sales Pitch

Mirror finishing of metal
By using this product for final finishing and mirror finishing of dies and molds, you can prevent defects such as cracks, bending and chips, reduce friction coefficient, and extend product lives. 
    By using this product, you can grind irregular-shaped works, which are generally difficult to grind. 
    You can reduce the friction coefficient of cutting tools (end mills, tips, hob cutters, and so on) by processing their surfaces, float grooves, or grooves for discharging machining dust using AERO LAP. If the friction coefficient is reduced, machining dust is discharged more smoothly, resulting in reduction in tool breakages. It also reduces the chipping of blade edges in the early stages after start of use and extends their product lives. 
    You can remove fine scratches or burrs on resin or glass and improve the transparency of surfaces. 
    You can improve the adhesive forces of coated and plated products. You can remove droplets of coating materials that make surfaces smooth, resulting in improvement in sliding properties and release properties. 
    You can perform lapping without grinding a nitrided layer by performing processing before and after nitriding using AERO LAP. You can also use this product for intermediate processing. It is easy to remove a compound layer during composite processing including PVD coating. 
    You can perform maintenance for and reuse dies and molds.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company is engaged in a wide range of fields as a polishing and grinding pioneer. These include cold forged tools (production only), mirror finishing systems (Aero Lap), and pounders and mortars for making tablet medicines (production and sales). We make and sell make-to-order, high-quality, long-life punches, which offer advantages such as low cost, high quality, and quick delivery. We also market our Aero Lap mirror finishing system.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell mold parts for the automobile industry (pins, punches) and the pharmaceutical industry (pounders, mortars), carbide mold parts (pins, punches), and the Aero Lap® mirror finishing system. We also provide plant facility maintenance services.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Mold parts (pins, punches): Mirror finishing is our main technology. Beautifully finished mold parts (pins, punches) are good to look at, and they also reduce defects from press forging and extend a mold’s service life. Beautifully mirror-finished pounders and mortars have less frictional resistance. Manufactured tablets are taken out without adhering to the pounder, which helps reduce tableting failures.
Aero Lap®: Aero Lap® was developed in-house by utilizing patented technologies that feature all the necessary elements for mirror finish processing (abrasive grains, liquid, frictional force). Mirror finishing with this system does not require much skill. 

[Representative's message]
Our company is currently acquiring new customers in the domestic Japanese medical field. We have installed solid PTP sheets in dispensing pharmacies for marketing with the cooperation of the Pharmacy Department of Kobe Gakuin University. This advertisement was intended to prevent taking incorrect medicine. We set up a base in Thailand, and export molds and Aero Lap to its neighboring countries. The technologies we have developed for medical fields are being patented, or applications are being filed both in Japan and overseas. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has excellent staff with superior language abilities (English and Thai). We try to understand the local situation and the trends in the global economy by closely communicating with our plant in Thailand, while simultaneously improving our own language skill. We hold regular company tours and other events at the headquarters and the Thai plant a few times every year, and invite participants from the other site to facilitate communications. This is done to solidify the bonds between our two sites.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Invention Award (2008); Science Award and Technology Award in Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award competition (2009); Excellent Invention Award (2011); 32nd Excellent Invention Award (2013); Hyogo Prefecture Science Award (2013); Hyogo Prefecture Good Work-Life Balance Company 2014 (2014).

Mainichi Shimbun; Asahi Shimbun; Yomiuri Shimbun; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Kanagata Shimbun; User Tsushin; Nikkei; Nikkei Business; NHK; Television Osaka (cable broadcaster). 

ISO 9001 (Thailand plant). 

[Joint research and development]
We have participated in joint research projects including the following:
Aero Lap and mirror finish test with Kansai University and the Japan Society of Grinding Engineers.
Development of three-dimensional PTP sheet with the Pharmacy Department, Kobe Gakuin University and Kanae Corporation.
Development of the AMS non-contact inspection device with the Advanced Materials Processing Institute Kinki Japan (AMPI). 

[Exhibition History/Information]
Japan: JIMTOF, Surface Structure Design Show, M-Tech, Mechatronics Technology Japan, Nanotech.
Thailand: Metalex, Intermach.

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ