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Yamashina Seiki Co., Ltd.

We have a top-ranking market share in Japan for NC facing heads for machine tools.

Our company is extending its business in four divisions. Our Machine Tool Division designs and manufactures machine tools. The Heat Exchanger Division handles heat exchangers. The Lubrication Machinery Division deals with cylinder lubricators. Our Medical Division develops and manufactures medical equipment. We are Japan’s sole manufacturer of cylinder lubricators and fixed-amount high-pressure lubrication pumps. We have a top-ranked share of the Japanese market for NC facing heads for machine tools. Our domestic Japanese market share for vessel valve rod and seat grinding machines is over 70%. We are also experienced in doing business with major companies outside Japan.

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[Company strength]
Our advantages are the various technologies we have accumulated in each of our business divisions. The Machine Tool Division designs and manufactures dedicated small to large machine tools for use in various fields. We particularly excel at handling drilling, boring, and facing machines. We are the only domestic Japanese manufacturer of ship cylinder lubricators and fixed-amount high-pressure lubrication pumps, which are manufactured by our Lubrication Machinery Division. Our domestic Japanese market share for ship valve rod and seat grinding machines is over 70%. We developed Japan’s first barrel finishing machine. Our products have been selling well for many years since going on the market. Our Heat Exchanger Division designs and manufactures heat exchangers used for ships and in power plants and other equipment on land. This Division has constructed a manufacturing and quality management system that complies with domestic Japanese and overseas standards, such as ASME and the Electricity Business Act.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell various dedicated machine tools contributing to factory automation. We also offer heat exchangers for ships and power plants, lubrication machines for industrial and marine engine machinery, and medical equipment.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our Machine Tool Division was early to initiate development of an NC facing machine and has an extensive track record with this technology. This is how we were able to develop a U-axis machining system with the world's greatest stroke and highest speed. We have a wealth of technical know-how based on our history of creating a wide variety of machine tools according to customer requests. Lubrication pumps manufactured by our Lubrication Machinery Division require micron-order clearance accuracy, which is why this division acquires and maintains excellent processing technologies, such as honing and lapping. We also proactively make advantageous resource-saving and cost-saving proposals by flexibly adapting to customer needs and implementing new technologies. The Heat Exchanger Division manufactures heat exchangers for thermal power plants. These heat exchangers satisfy requirements for stable performance at high temperature and high pressure. We possess sufficiently advanced technologies to manufacture products that comply with ASME, PED, and the Electricity Business Act. Our products for marine use also pass ship classification inspections in various countries.

[Representative's message]
(1) In April last year our company integrated the separate sales sections of our divisions into one sales department. This established a single liaison for the three divisions and has enabled extensive and efficient sales. This reorganization was intended to remove the existing barriers between the divisions and further promote our advances into new fields as well as new product development.
(2) We investigated and studied overseas sites in the past, but this finished at the investigation stage because the surrounding conditions had not been arranged. We still do not have specific plans at present, but we visited Vietnam and held interviews to accept two Vietnamese trainees starting from this year. This was done with the establishment of an overseas site in mind. If everything goes smoothly we will start a three-year training program for the trainees from October this year. Another aim of this training is to cultivate human resources for local staff.
(3) Overseas expansion is a topic for analysis in our medical equipment business.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
(1) Our Machine Tool, Lubrication Machinery, and Heat Exchanger Divisions have been building up an extensive track record for many years. They design and manufacture dedicated equipment for respective automotive part manufacturers, major heavy industry companies, and the shipbuilding and marine industry. We will advance into new fields or develop new products based on the individual core technologies cultivated by these three divisions. We are always seeking out collaborations with major companies to create innovation.
(2) Our Japanese customer companies have established overseas sites in China, India, and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. Our Machine Tool Division has delivered many dedicated machine tools to their sites with the overseas expansion of these companies, but our company has no overseas sites at present. We send supervisors abroad for installation and adjustment.
(3) The overseas procurement ratio is becoming higher every year. This is why we purchase materials and parts, and have also started to assemble them and deliver units.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our company has the top share of the domestic Japanese market for NC facing heads for machine tools. We are Japan’s only manufacturer of vessel cylinder lubricators and fixed-amount high-pressure lubrication pumps. We deliver heat exchangers to major heavy industry companies, and particularly to most domestic Japanese shipyards and marine engine manufacturers.

[Awards and media coverage]
The 5th Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Nippon Grand Award, Special Prize; The 10th Cho Monozukuri Innovative Parts and Components Award 2013; Monozukuri Craftsmanship New Selection in Kansai 2014; and so on.

Biwako Broadcasting, "Shiga Economy Now;" Kyoto Shimbun; Yomiuri Shimbun; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Nikkan Sangyo Shimbun; and so on.

Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
Acquired ISO 13485 certification.
ASME "U" manufacturing factory accreditation.
Medical equipment manufacturing and sales license, and so on.

[Joint research and development]
(1) We participated in Shiga Prefecture’s Shiga Medical-Engineering Collaboration Monozukuri Cluster Project and developed our suction tip product jointly with Shiga University of Medical Science. We also participated in a medical equipment project based on the Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone. In this project we developed our End Shower cleaning and suction catheter for endoscopy jointly with Osaka University. In April last year our company started to sell our first two medical equipment products to medical institutions such as hospitals and universities throughout Japan. We are now conducting joint development with a number of universities.
(2) We developed and marketed an NC machine for ship rudder bearing holes and a round chamfering machine for fusing materials based on new coating standards. This was done jointly with a major shipyard in Japan.
(3) We developed a highly efficient cylinder lubrication system (trade name: MPL) with parties including a ship owner and major shipbuilding company.

[Exhibition History/Information]
International Welding Show.

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