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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:02:16

Agritechno Yazaki Co., Ltd

Our company manufactures agricultural machines, and we are now accelerating our business expansion into Asia.

We are an agricultural machine manufacturer with subsidiaries in South Korea and China. We are considering further business expansion into Southeast Asia. We take advantage of our seeding technology assets and produce and sell Tanemaru gel-coated seeds. We are actively engaged in the agricultural product processing business based on rice-cleaning and flour-milling technologies. We do business with leading agricultural machine makers, and we have a 50% share of the Japanese seeding machine market. We have acquired many patents in Japan and overseas. Our NTP-2 is a non-tillage high-speed seeder designed to be used with a tractor. It is a result of joint R&D with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.


[Product description] Our Tanemaru gel-coated seeds are small seeds encapsulated in a natural polymer gel that is full of water for easy handling and maximum seed potential at the same time. This promotes seed germination to save labor and improve cost efficiency. This details are as follows below. Germinability: Seeds easily sprout because the water content of Tanemaru is 98%. Fertilizers facilitate the growth of seeds. The transparent gel capsule promotes and unifies germination by selective seeding. Labor saving: Seeds can be sown easily even when they are small and have non-uniform shapes. Seeds with complicated shapes can be encapsulated in transparent gel and grown in bulk. Seeders and seeding boards reduce working hours. Cost efficiency: Costly seeds sprout without loss. A small space requirement makes temperature control easy. Seeds can be dried and stored. Tanemaru size: S (diameter 6 mm, 160 mg), M (diameter 8 mm, 420 mg), L (diameter 10 mm, 670 mg). Number of contained seeds: 1 (Consult us regarding encapsulating more than one seed.) Main material: Natural polymer (extracted from kelp). Water content: 98%. Applicable seeds: Tomato, green onion, cabbage, Japanese mustard spinach, carrot, burdock, and flowers (new Easter lily, eustoma, primula, delphinium , and ranunculus).

[Product description] We make full use of our extensive knowledge to manufacture and sell the Clean Seeder Series, which is capable of seeding under various farmland conditions. The Clean Seeder Series successfully provides solutions for many problems and concerns. These include not being able to perform constant-depth seeding on uneven fields. They also support wanting to perform seeding without paying attention to the speed, wanting to reduce seeding hours, and wanting to seed and mulch at the same time. They also significantly improve working efficiency. [Intellectual property] Joint development with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.