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Agritechno Yazaki Co., Ltd

Our company manufactures agricultural machines, and we are now accelerating our business expansion into Asia.

We are an agricultural machine manufacturer with subsidiaries in South Korea and China. We are considering further business expansion into Southeast Asia. We take advantage of our seeding technology assets and produce and sell Tanemaru gel-coated seeds. We are actively engaged in the agricultural product processing business based on rice-cleaning and flour-milling technologies. We do business with leading agricultural machine makers, and we have a 50% share of the Japanese seeding machine market. We have acquired many patents in Japan and overseas. Our NTP-2 is a non-tillage high-speed seeder designed to be used with a tractor. It is a result of joint R&D with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.

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[Company strength]
1. We specialize in seeding technology and are actively engaged in developing new seeding technology (e.g., Tanemaru) in view of future food crises. We possess other expertise in addition to seeding technology. This includes soil improvement, replant failure prevention, fertilization, dispensation of agricultural chemicals, coating, and cultivation. 
2. Our Kawakami Research and Development Center is equipped with rice paddies, crop fields, glass greenhouses, workshops, and agricultural product processing rooms. This enables us to test new machines and carry out cultivation experiments. We are working to stimulate local agriculture and protect local employment in cooperation with the municipal office of Takahashi city, Okayama Prefecture.

[Business description]
1. Seeding technology: (1) manufacturing and sales of agricultural machines; (2) manufacturing and sales of Tanemaru gel-coated seeds. 
2. Agricultural business: (1) advancement of rural communities; (2) production of safe and secure foods; (3) production of safe and secure foods through plant factory technologies. 
3. Agricultural product processing: (1) rice cleaning and flour milling technologies. 
4. Overseas expansion: (1) subsidiaries in South Korea and China; (2) business expansion to Southeast Asia is now under consideration.

Agricultural machine manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
1. Our NTP-2 is a non-tillage high-speed seeder designed to be used with a tractor. It is highly capable of seeding dent corn and sorghum. It can perform high-speed seeding at a maximum speed of 8 km/h. This seeding machine can work on tilled and non-tilled fields. 
2. Our RXG Series wheat seeders employ high-tensile steel plates. They are 1.5 times stronger and 3 times more resistant to corrosion than our previous models. 
3. Our ADRG soybean seeder uses V-shaped compressing wheels to control crusts due to rain. 
4. Our AHT vegetable seeder is capable of parallel rising and falling movements, so it can place seeds steadily at a constant depth even on hilly fields.

[Representative's message]
Our company’s Kawakami Research and Development Center accommodated five trainees from the Philippines last year. We hope that these five trainees will learn about Japan’s rural communities and rice cultivation and other agricultural techniques (including our technologies). We also hope they will promote the agriculture of their home country after returning from Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have a sales promotion and operations department in our headquarters and a sales planning department in our Osaka branch as our points of contact for customers and suppliers. We also have a business environment in which we can offer support and other communications in English. Our locally hired Chinese and Korean staff members speak Japanese. We have a development department and a research department at our Kawakami Research and Development Center in Takahashi city, Okayama Prefecture. The R&D Center’s agriculture business department staff grow tomatoes, grapes, spinach, and onions.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a 50% share of the domestic Japanese seeding machine market.

[Awards and media coverage]

[Media] eoHikari Channel, "Gijutsu-rikkoku Nippon!" (April 1, 2012).

[Joint research and development]
We market the NTP-2, which is a non-tillage high-speed seeder designed to be used with a tractor. It was developed as a result of joint R&D with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Factory (overseas)]
Korea, China

[Other sites]
Hokkaido, Ibaragi, Osaka, Okayama and Fukuoka

[Exhibition History/Information]
Leading agricultural machine manufacturers in Japan. 

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