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Latest update: 05/10/2020 11:21:35


Our company contributes to automation and power saving for manufacturing sites and production lines. 

Our company develops, designs, manufactures, and sells industrial equipment. We are extending our businesses under the subject of saving labor and energy for manufacturing sites and production lines. We have acquired a total of 30 patents in Japan and abroad. We outsource manufacturing to reduce fixed costs, and perform final inspections of products for thorough quality management. We supply ultrasonic trimming machines, ultrasonic profile deburring machines, and 3D profile deburring machines for plastic and carbon fiber products. They suppress the equipment and operation costs to a fraction of the cost of conventional laser processing and water jetting machines. Precision machining also becomes several levels faster.


[Product description] We attach a cutter to the tip of an ultrasonic oscillator to cut materials using 35,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second for ultrasonic trimming. An ultrasonic cutter unit is mounted on a robot to cut workpieces in three dimensions. The conventional methods of industrially processing complicated soft materials into complicated shapes, such as carpets and instrument panels, are water jet cutting or press punching. Water jetting can cut various shapes at high speed, but has problems including high equipment and running costs, water impact on the cut materials, and burrs at the cut faces. Press punching is suitable for mass production, but design changes are difficult. Ultrasonic trimming has solved these problems.


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