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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:02:08

Asahi Plating Co., Ltd.

We are the biggest dedicated plating company in Mie Prefecture, and we deal with various kinds of plating from gold and silver to electroless nickel.

We support various kinds of metal plating with a focus on automobile parts and metal parts related to electrical machinery. We are capable of solvent washing, barrel polishing, and thermal treatment, which are processes prior to plating. We are also capable of fluorocarbon resin coating, which is a post-plating process. We realize high quality, quick delivery, and low cost by conducting integrated surface treatment of pressed metal parts. We have a history of deliveries with major companies, and we have performed joint research with the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute. 


[Product description] This is an innovative Ni-Au plating technique for connectors and contact points. We have realized corrosion-resistant Au plating with a thickness of 0.1 μm without sealing, and cost reduction by 30%.


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