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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:02:16

S0-KEN Co., Ltd.

Our strength is special printing including an edible ink printing system capable of printing ink on cookies.

We developed a technique for printing both ordinary ink (CMYK ink) and special ink (RGB ink) in one shot. We enabled special simultaneous printing of an image that can be seen differently under normal lighting or UV lighting without printing deviation. We can also deal with offset printing and silk-screen printing. We also develop solar ink for full-color production in response to solar rays, and edible ink printing systems are being developed for small and medium confectionery industries.

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[Company strength]
There are many dealers of ordinary printing, but specialized printers like us are few in number. We are developing special markets while developing special ink, and provide low-cost simple printing by utilizing an inkjet printer capable of performing low-volume diversified printing. Customers have also used our products for spatial presentation of wallpaper etc. and advertisement planning for burners etc. Our merchandises easily exhibit effects such as a surprising print image and “a feeling of play”, and therefore, we consider our products are also more familiar to the overseas markets.

Manufacture and sale of special printing ink

[Strength of products/technologies]
We developed special ink (RGB ink etc.) capable of reproducing in full color with the use of an ordinary inkjet printer. We have further established a technique for printing with the use of both ordinary ink (CMYK ink) and special ink (RGB ink) together in one shot, and have enabled two or more kinds of images to be simultaneously printed on the same printing medium without printing deviation. We have enabled two kinds of different images, an image under normal light and an image under UV light. This simultaneous printing technique can be applied to not only printing by an inkjet printer but offset printing and silk screen printing according to use. We have further developed solar ink that does not requiring darkroom space and UV light and developing all colors in response to solar radiation, and have enabled combination of solar ink and normal ink. We have recently developed edible ink printing with the use of a low-priced and small-sized inkjet printer, and are now expanding the products in the small and medium confectionery industry.

[Representative's message]
We have built alliances with manufacturers of functional coloring matter, various ink manufacturers, and companies with the latest Japanese technologies for dispersion, nano-encapsulation etc., and are developing ink which can be used in the market. We are considering global development through technology which is Japan’s own forte. We also think that foreign companies are better at developing uses. We consider overseas enterprises will take a considerable amount of time to reach our level of commercially practical use. We therefore hope for faster overseas development.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We would like to develop unique market categories in which major companies find it difficult to gain entry, by virtue of developing special ink and the ability to deal with printing in small quantity and large variety with the use of an inkjet printer. There may be room for such a small company as us to be able to form affiliations with major enterprises. Our products are fit for the oversea markets because of a special characteristic of merchandise appealing to sensitivity, and we assume that there is much opportunity for expansion into the overseas markets. We considered that overseas sales expansion is possible if we can decide on a plan of good business models and can carry out good sales development. We cannot, however say that overseas development only by ourselves is enough from the viewpoints of cost and personnel.

[Market share/Ranking]
Full-color printing with the use of UV ink and/or solar ink is a niche market, both inside and outside Japan. We have a market share of 80%. No other company seems to exist in the overseas market. There is small sale of ink for edible ink printing for SMEs.

[Awards and media coverage]
Selected for the Minoh City Mayor Award

Interviewed for news programs of NHK in 2006 and 2007,
“Tokoro-San no Gakkou de-wa Oshietekurenai sokon Tokoro (matters that are not taught at school, presented by Mr. Tokoto)” in 2009,
“Super News Anchor” in 2011,
“Kagaku-de Mucha Mitasu (full answer to a question by science)” in 2012,
“Burari Tochu-Gesha no Tabi (setting out on a trip with no definite aim in view)” in 2012, etc.

Contractor’s License (general-20) lic121564 granted by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture Order of Economical Support No. 777-241 (management innovation), and selection for the angel tax system

[Joint research and development]
We are a private research institution carrying out development of special ink through introduction by university laboratories. We develop printing software in alliance with an overseas software company.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
TOKIWA KOGYO CO., LTD.: Joint development of “TOKIWA TRICK WALL”,KOBUNDO Co., Ltd.: Sales tie-up, andTOKYO Lithmatic Corporation: Capital tie-up and printing operation tie-up

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Printing system transactions with Italy and China are carried out on a small scale and on a one-off basis. We printed photo posters for a one-man exhibition of a Canadian artistic photographer. 

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