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Latest update: 01/03/2017 12:04:07

Meito Densan Co., Ltd.

We manufacture printed circuit substrates for telecommunications equipment and automobiles.

Our company manufactures printed circuit substrates and other products mainly for telecommunications equipment, automobiles, and housing use. Our printed circuit substrate operations offer a rich selection of substrate materials to accommodate needs in a wide range of high-frequency fields. We have a good track record in mass-produced in-vehicle substrates, and we have dealt with the production of industrial substrates for housing and game equipment. Our company can provide high-quality products through flexible arrangements. This is illustrated by our production of special purpose substrates, such as aluminum substrates used as heat dissipation substrates for LED products.

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[Company strength]
Our company was established in 1967 as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical insulating materials. We have been engaged in the manufacturing business in the field of metal material working ever since, and mostly in press working. We manufacture the dies necessary for press working in-house. We can make elaborately detailed dies considering the material (e.g., various plastic materials, laminates, metal materials), and the final product form. We established an integrated in-house production system for single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer printed circuit substrates. We then strengthened our quality control system, using ISO and other existing certification schemes. We strive to meet customer needs under the motto of “High Quality, High Trust,” and we deliver products when the customer wants them, in the quantity the customer wants. 

[Business description]
We manufacture printed circuit substrates, and process electrical insulating materials and metal materials. Our company mainly manufactures made-to-order substrates for broadcasting and telecommunications equipment, automobiles, housing equipment, and other industrial devices. We manage all processes from design to production, shipment, and quality assurance within our integrated production system. Our company makes individual product proposals, and we manufacture products to meet various needs and applications requested by the customer. We are also actively engaged in developing new technologies so we can work with customers when we materialize a product. 

Electronic part, device, and circuit manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has a rich lineup of substrate materials for the production of printed circuit substrates for high-frequency applications. These include Teflon, PPE, and BT resin. We can select an optimal material for a wide range of high-frequency applications. Our high-precision, high-quality substrates are supplied for use in various antennas and broadcasting and telecommunications equipment. Our company also manufactures many in-vehicle substrates, including substrates for various switches, immobilizers, ECU, ETC, and keyless entry devices. We also supply multi-layer substrate products for industrial uses, such as housing equipment, various sensors, and control CPUs. We recently started to manufacture aluminum and other metal substrates as heat dissipation substrates. We can provide high-quality products through flexible arrangements. This is illustrated by our recent production of composite multi-layer substrates. 

[Representative's message]
I hope to further enhance our strengths in technology, manufacturing, and cost competitiveness to meet customer needs, especially in the fields of telecommunications equipment and in-vehicle devices. We have actively developed new products, and we are eager to share our technology with the world. We hope to form partnerships with other companies to establish a foundation for commercialization in order to cultivate the next-generation printed circuit substrate market. We are considering overseas business expansion mainly in ASEAN countries, and we are conducting research for this purpose.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales department in Komaki City (Aichi Prefecture) is the point of contact for corporate customers in the Chubu region, and the Tokyo office serves customers in Kanto area. These offices respond to customer inquiries. They are assisted by staff members from the technology development, quality assurance, production control, and production departments, depending on the nature of the issue. In-vehicle device manufacturers have just-in-time delivery systems, so dedicated personnel are assigned to each manufacturer for management. Important new business is overseen by the president and the directors of each department to conscientiously deal with the customer. We have staff members with overseas experience within the organization who can provide assistance to foreign companies in English. We are considering expansion mainly in ASEAN countries.

[Awards and media coverage]
Excellent Quality Award, Production Contribution Award, and so on.  

Chubu Keizai Shimbun.

UL standard; ISO 9001/ISO 14001; Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program.

[Joint research and development]
Iwate University: Development of new multi-layer aluminum wiring boards through molecular adhesion technology (in direct response to local needs, 2009–2010); development of conductive heat dissipation aluminum substrates for next-generation vehicles (Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program, 2012–2014).
Chubu University: Initial assessment and reliability assessment of aluminum substrates that make use of a diallyl phthalate insulation layer (verification support project, 2009–2010).

[Factory (domestic)]
Aichi head office factory and 3 factories

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Tokai Rika; Nitto Kogyo; in-vehicle parts manufacturers; broadcasting and telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

[Exhibition History/Information]
ECH Biz EXPO 2014 next-generation core technology Monozukuri manufacturing show.

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