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We are extending our business operations by mold manufacturing using a 3D printer.

We are a foundry core manufacturer established in 1959. Our main products are shell cores, self-hardening cores, and oil cores. We also manufacture casting molds using an inkjet 3D printer. We have developed unique materials and manufacturing techniques for mold manufacturing using the 3D printer, to meet needs for high-mix low-volume production. We are extending our business operations by establishing a system capable of meeting even requests for complicated shapes that could not have been achieved before. Our company possesses a core manufacturing machine capable of handling molds as large as 800 mm and has done business with major heavy industry and automobile companies.

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[Company strength]
We have a history of about 50 years in manufacturing foundry cores. We have acquired abundant know-how by solving various problems. We used our accumulated experience to acquire a unique mold manufacturing technology using a 3D printer to manufacture molds with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. We are also extending our business into the food industry by utilizing our mobility, which makes us capable of meeting requests in detail. 

[Business description]
Core manufacturing business: Our company has been manufacturing foundry cores since 1959. We manufacture a wide variety of cores, such as shell cores, self-hardening cores, and oil cores.
Direct mold business: Our company does not use wooden molds, metal molds, resin molds, or cores. We create molds using an inkjet 3D printer and provide molding of various metals from aluminum to stainless steel. We use our own unique cement-type powder for the 3D printer to create molds. Our inorganic molds withstand heat up to 1700ºC.

Foundry core manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have the know-how to meet requirements for wall thickness, surface roughness, shape, weight, and gas by using various aggregates and resins. Our company possesses a core manufacturing machine capable of handling molds as large as 800 mm. We implemented 3D printing about seven years ago. We have been developing unique materials and manufacturing techniques to prepare a production system for high-mix low-volume production and for manufacturing complicated shapes that used to be impossible. 

[Representative's message]
Core technologies for improving mold characteristics and other purposes have almost been established for mold manufacturing using a 3D printer. We will strive to solve the remaining issues and participate in exhibitions to ascertain customer needs so as to provide more perfect products. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our managing director is in charge of technical consulting and support and will visit customers directly as required to hear requests. We will submit quality information by 3D scanning after product manufacturing when we are asked to do so. This is provided as 3D data with measuring accuracy of 8 μm. We will provide sincere support for our customers.

[Awards and media coverage]
3D Printer Contest, Grand Prix, Trial Manufacturing Market 2014.

Hokkoku TODAY (Summer, Vol. 71); Hokkoku Shimbun (June 3); Hokkoku Asahi TV, "Super J Channel" (June 14); IRII News (Vol. 38 No. 2); Japan Foundry Engineering Society (October 25 to 28); December issue of Hokkoku Economic Research.

Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program approval in 2011 (highly rated in the final evaluation by the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry).

[Joint research and development]
Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa: Joint development of highly heat-resistant molds, since 2009.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
15 companies in three prefectures in the Hokuriku region, such as TSUDAKOMA Corporation, Ishikawa Malleable Co., Ltd., and Showa Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

[Exhibition History/Information]
October 15 to 17: Monozukuri Matching Japan 2014.
October 22 to 24: TECH Biz EXPO 2014.

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