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Latest update: 10/01/2020 14:25:05

Kida Seiko Co., Ltd.

We have supplied surface treatment plants to over 500 companies.

Our company is a surface treatment plant manufacturer established in 1977. We have delivered equipment to over 500 companies, such as manufacturers of automotive parts, semiconductors, and light electrical appliances. We are also engaged in plating. We have accumulated know-how for manufacturing surface treatment equipment and surface treatment technologies for a long time. We make use of our know-how and technologies to provide stainless plating (nickel-zinc alloy plating) to impart ultra-high corrosion resistance to iron materials. We are extending the sales channels for this process as an alternative for stainless steel. We have many overseas clients and also a joint venture with a local company in Indonesia.


[Product description] This plating system does not require dedicated drainage facilities. Plating systems can only be installed in specific places because of water quality regulations on the large volume of wastewater they discharge. This system is free to install even where installation is normally impossible due to environmental issues because it discharges no wastewater. The system drastically reduces wastewater treatment, as well as drainage facility maintenance costs for conventional facilities related to wastewater treatment. This enables product cost reductions.

[Product description] Our stainless plating is a new plating technology that exhibits ultra-high corrosion resistance. It was born from the world's first process for forming a coating on an iron material. The coating is several microns thick and made of four blended substances. This plating is applicable as an alternative to stainless steel. Two or more kinds of steel are converted to an alloy for stainless steel characteristics. Its characteristics include fine crystals, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-magnetization, and an appearance close to stainless steel. Stainless plating exhibits characteristics that are not available from single-metal films. Our company has implemented dedicated equipment for this surface treatment. Price differences and dedicated facilities have enabled a cost reduction of about 30% compared to stainless steel. The four-layer structure of this plating differs from the structure of any other alloy plating, and it enables performance equivalent to stainless steel.