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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:01:15

Pollution Prevention Apparatus Laboratory Co., Ltd.

We are an environmental equipment manufacturer that is expanding business with the overseas market in mind.

We manufacture and sell equipment for environmental conservation (pollution prevention devices), such as devices for removing nitrogen oxide (NOx). We commercialized a device that removes NOx using water only. We propose this device together with a system that recovers and reuses NOx as nitric acid, and sales have been increasing. We also have overseas expansion in mind. We will promote technical tie-ups, technical licensing, and main parts supply with trading firms and engineering companies as our partners. We have experience in joint R&D with companies and universities and also sales to major companies.


[Product description] A wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system from our MKN Series can recover and recycle NOx as nitric acid. The heart of this groundbreaking system consists of a special filter for NOx treatment and an atomizer for absorbed liquid. The filter has a structure with a very large gas-liquid contact area and the atomizer forms fine liquid particles. NOx absorbed liquid is re-circulated to remove NOx. This makes it possible to absorb and remove NOx using water only, without chemicals, fuels, or catalysts. The absorbed and removed liquid can be recovered as nitric acid, which is a chemical substance. Chemical synthesis and reaction, metal salt manufacturing or sintering, and silicon etching facilities discharge high-concentration NOx. This system can absorb and remove high-concentration NOx using water only, without chemicals or catalysts. The NOx can be recovered and reused as nitric acid. There is no need for very costly chemicals, waste liquid treatment, or wastewater nitrogen treatment, and no industrial waste is output. [Authorization/Certification] Osaka Monozukuri Excellent Enterprise Award 2009, Osaka Prefecture (2010); Technology and product: NOx removal and nitric acid recovery technology, MKN Series. Managerial innovation plan approval by Osaka Prefecture based on the Act for the Promotion of New Business Activities by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (2009); Subject: Development of a high-efficiency system for reducing waste nitric acid. UFJ New Frontier Company Fosterage Fund subsidy (2003); Project: Research for a practical wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system with high efficiency. Venture Enterprise Center (VEC) evaluation (2002); Subject: MKN Series wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery systems. Kyoto City Venture Companies Evaluation Committee evaluation (2002); Product name: MKN Series wet-type NOx removal systems. R&D or other business project certification by Osaka Prefecture based on the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Creation Act (1999); Subject: High-level NOx removal and nitric acid recovery cycle. Specific new business project certification by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry based on the Specific New Business Act (1999); Business: Manufacture and sale of wet-type nitrogen oxide removal systems.

[Product description] This system greatly reduces low-concentration NOx from heating furnaces, power generation boilers, and dust incinerators, or NOx contained in exhaust gases with high blow rates. The removed NOx can be recovered and reused as nitric acid. We established a technology for reducing NOx to a minimal order of 1 ppm or less. This technology can be used to recover CO2 from combustion exhaust gas. [Authorization/Certification] FY2012 Subsidy for Assisting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with Trial Manufacturing and Development approval by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2013); Project: Trial manufacturing of high-efficiency nitrogen oxide absorption, removal, and resource recovery machinery and demonstration of technology.

[Product description] This technology is incorporated in the MKN Series wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system. We prioritized technology for analyzing and measuring process gas with a high concentration and NO2 ratio when we developed the MKN Series. We developed a unique measuring technology with the cooperation of a measuring equipment manufacturer. NOx analyzers on the market are mainly for combustion-type exhaust gas and cannot measure beyond 4000 ppm. They are intended for NO, so their NO2 analysis capabilities are limited. Gas used to be directly sampled and diluted for high-concentration NOx measurement, but the accuracy was not very reliable and it was impossible to obtain real-time analysis values. We established a high-concentration NOx measurement technology. This technology has enabled real-time measurement of high-concentration and NO2-rich NOx in process gas generated by chemical synthesis and reaction, thermal decomposition of nitrate, silicon etching, and metal melting. The ratio of NO and NO2 can also be checked accurately, so basic data important for planning NOx removal facilities is available.

[Product description] This technology is incorporated in our MKN Series wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery systems. It had been said that NOx is not easily absorbed by water. Conventional mainstream NOx removal technologies use many chemicals such as oxidizers and reducers through multiple filling towers. Our technology completely goes against the common sense that NOx cannot be absorbed by water only. Our groundbreaking technology can absorb and remove NOx using water only, and recover and reuse it as nitric acid. The core of this technology consists of a special filter and an atomizer. The filter has a structure with a fine gas-liquid contact made of glass-fiber laminated coils. The atomizer forms droplets that are optimal for gas-liquid mixing and deposits a liquid film on the filter layer. The special filter layer plays a catalytic role and improves the absorption efficiency. The liquid film on the filter layer flows down by gravity while absorbing NOx, so the filter layer always retains apertures. The liquid flows down without disturbing the passage of gas, and is stored in a tank and re-circulated until the nitric acid concentration reaches a specified level. The acid is then recovered and reused.