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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:01:15

Pollution Prevention Apparatus Laboratory Co., Ltd.

We are an environmental equipment manufacturer that is expanding business with the overseas market in mind.

We manufacture and sell equipment for environmental conservation (pollution prevention devices), such as devices for removing nitrogen oxide (NOx). We commercialized a device that removes NOx using water only. We propose this device together with a system that recovers and reuses NOx as nitric acid, and sales have been increasing. We also have overseas expansion in mind. We will promote technical tie-ups, technical licensing, and main parts supply with trading firms and engineering companies as our partners. We have experience in joint R&D with companies and universities and also sales to major companies.

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[Company strength]
We developed the MKN Series wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery systems to recover nitrogen oxide (NOx) as nitric acid. This is then reused as a resource and waste is not output. We have been devoted to disseminating these products. These devices are applied to treating NOx in comparatively high concentrations. We provide completely new, groundbreaking systems that reduce costs, promote recycling, and output no waste without using any chemicals or catalysts. We successfully developed a practical NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system based on this technology. This was done jointly with Osaka Prefecture University. Our adsorption/desorption-type system uses zeolite. We established a system technology for low-concentration NOx from combustion furnaces, engines, and boilers at high blow rates. It is applicable even to traces of NOx (road tunnels, etc.). High-level NOx measurement technology is indispensable for NOx removal. We have measuring engineers with extensive experience and unique NOx measuring equipment that we developed independently for drastic NOx removal measures.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell environmental equipment (pollution prevention devices). Our main business was environmental measurement when our company was founded. At that time NOx removal devices were of the wet type, and the dry type was still under development. We found that a combination of NOx analysis technology and a filter with a structure having an extremely fine gas-liquid contact could absorb and remove NOx by using water only. We commercialized this technology and our company now specializes in NOx removal systems.
[Main products] 
Wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system (MKN Series). 
Adsorption/desorption-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery systems. 
[Consignment investigation and measurement of process gas] 
NOx process gas is diverse and complicated. We need to check the NOx gas generation status first to remove the gas. 
Consignment work: NOx source survey and measurement, NOx removal demonstration testing, and NOx removal system performance testing.

System and instrument manufacturing (environmental equipment)

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have confidence in our technology for completely removing NOx generated by chemical reactions and combustion, and then recycling it as a resource. The wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system in the MKN Series consists of a special filter and an atomizer. The filter has a very large gas-liquid contact structure and the atomizer forms liquid particles of an optimal size. This groundbreaking system with optimal L/G can absorb NOx gas with extremely high absorption efficiency and liquefy the gas to recover it as nitric acid.
We have achievements and know-how based on a 30-year history of NOx removal.  
We offer devices for absorbing and removing NOx using water only, and recovering and reusing it as nitric acid.
There is no industrial waste output, because no chemicals, fuels, or catalysts are used.
Our wet-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system has been provided to a wide variety of fields. These include metal melting, plating peeling, silicon etching, chemical intermediates, chemical synthesis and reaction, nitrate thermal decomposition, arc furnaces, and plasma fusion furnaces. Our adsorption/desorption-type NOx removal and nitric acid recovery system is suitable for low-concentration NOx at high blow rates from combustion furnaces, incineration furnaces, and boilers. This system is also applicable to ultra-low-concentration NOx (NOx in tunnels, etc.). 
We offer new denitration technology replacing conventional dry process technology. 
We possess technology for reducing NOx to the order of parts per billion.

[Representative's message]
There is now a worldwide movement to curtail contaminant emissions to suppress the further deterioration of the global environment. Reducing CO2 as a global warming gas is a particularly critical issue to solve, but there are also many other substances that are very harmful to the human body. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) is one such substance. Our company works hard to reduce NOx and also provides facts about NOx to many companies and the general public. The purpose of this wide dissemination of information is to make people aware of the environment and contribute to environmental improvement. We think it is our mission to be a pioneer of NOx measures.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The technical management department is in charge of handling new inquiries from companies and providing technical consulting. This department provides reference materials and conducts interviews. We hold interviews as required to understand the current situation and propose NOx source investigations and NOx treatment demonstrations. We do not make direct approaches outside Japan at the moment. In the future we will promote technical tie-ups, technical licensing, and main parts supply with trading firms and engineering companies as our partners. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Monozukuri Excellent Enterprise Award 2009, Osaka Prefecture. Best Paper Award, Japan Ozone Association (2012).

Managerial innovation plan approval by Osaka Prefecture based on the Act for the Promotion of New Business Activities by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (2009). 
R&D or other business project certification by Osaka Prefecture based on the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Creation Act (1999). 
Specific new business project certification by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry based on the Specific New Business Act (1999).

[Joint research and development]
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation: Joint R&D for a wet-type nitrogen oxide removal system. 
Osaka Prefecture University: Consignment research for NOx absorption by NOx treatment using a special filter.
Osaka Prefecture University: Joint R&D for removing low-concentration NOx using ozone. 
Osaka Prefecture University: Joint R&D for adsorption/desorption type dilute NOx treatment technology using zeolite.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have sold 30 systems to 15 companies, mainly major companies, through Nagase & Co., Ltd. We have performed consignment investigations and demonstrations for 60 companies.

[Exhibition History/Information]
New Value Creation Exhibition 2014.

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