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Latest update: 02/09/2022 17:14:42

Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.

We are globally expanding our business of Japan’s strongest security glass.

We manufacture and sell laminated burglar-proof, explosion-proof, and bullet-proof security glass. We provide our unique security glass products in our Hercules Series. These products have the highest strength among glass products made in Japan. Our glass is the only Japanese technology of its kind that has been provided to the Ministry of Defense and U.S. military bases. Our products are also used in the factories of automobile and electric equipment manufacturers developing lithium-ion batteries. We have granted licenses in two countries in Southeast Asia. We also manufacture and sell advanced energy-saving laminated glass for buildings.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Security glass that is the toughest in Japan, explosion-proof glass, and bulletproof glass
Security glass: They are extremely high quality products among the products ranked as P5A, the highest standard in Japan and more reasonable compared to competitive products.
Our explosion-proof and bulletproof glass excel in weather resistance.
You can use them for various safety measures such as crime prevention, disaster prevention, and counter-terrorism measures.
Message for overseas companies
Sale of license for manufacturing technology
We have developed security glass that is the toughest in Japan, explosion-proof glass, and bulletproof glass. They are glass laminated with resin and require a small capital investment. Customers can obtain sheet glass as a material in their countries. We are seeking customers who are interested in a sophisticated security glass.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
A major glass manufacturer was manufacturing resin laminated glass about 15 years ago. However, the intermediate film resin had a weather resistance problem and caused peeling or foaming around the glass several years after installation. The manufacturer had to discontinue production because of many complaints. We solved this problem by creating a dedicated resin for glass with high weather resistance. Ordinary film-laminated glass currently requires high temperature and pressure for bonding (about 140ºC and 12 atmospheres).  Our company bonds glass under room temperature and normal pressure. The manufacturing energy at bonding is lower by about 2 kWh per square meter and CO2 is lower about 1 kg per square meter.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell laminated security glass (burglar-proof, explosion-proof, and bullet-proof) and advanced laminated glass for buildings (energy-saving color glass).
We sell technical licenses and raw materials for manufacturing advanced laminated glass made of resin.

Advanced glass manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our technical advantage is that no energy is necessary for glass bonding. We have a product advantage in having the strongest security glass in Japan.
1. Our Hercules III burglar-proof glass for houses is far superior to the top-level products of major manufacturers under Standard P5A of the Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan.
2. Our Hercules IV burglar-proof glass for buildings is equivalent to a product that has passed the European anti-burglary standard EN356 P6B.
3. Our Hercules V explosion-proof glass was specified in the design drawings of a major construction company in Japan.
4. Our Hercules VI bullet-proof glass has also been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Defense (Department of Ground Systems Research Center).

[Representative's message]
In 2013 we exhibited our products at the American Fair (Yokohama) in July and the China International Industry Fair (Shanghai) in November. Our Hercules Cool 50 was popular at both fairs. Some companies (from Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia) decided to consider employing the manufacturing technology. A company (from the  Philippines) decided to consider taking on the position of a sole sales agent for our products. We will expand our products and environmental technology licenses to contribute to the prevention of global warming.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will assign staff in the company to deal with customers and answer inquiries from major companies. The president and technical advisor will provide technical consulting and solve problems by directly visiting customers when necessary. We will have a sales advisor proficient in English for overseas companies.

[Market share/Ranking]
Explosion-proof glass (equivalent to a bomb blast resistant product as specified in Australia and New Zealand standard 2343:1997): 50% share of the domestic Japanese market (estimated).

[Awards and media coverage]

TV Tokyo, "Morning Satellite;" Nihon Keizai Shimbun, "Glass Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter;" NHK Education TV, "Genius TV-kun;" Kanagawa Shimbun, "SMEs Taking on Challenges."

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ministry of Defense; U.S. military bases; heavy industry; companies developing lithium-ion batteries; and explosives manufacturers.

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