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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:01:57

Kurashiki Boring Kiko Co., Ltd.

We offer spray coating with various added properties in Japan, Asia, and Australia. 

We repair and maintain rotary machines, and manufacture and install spray application parts for printer and pump manufacturers. Thermal spraying applies metallic, ceramic, cermet, or other coating to various materials. We can design the coating according to the product’s use environment to add suitable properties such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, voltage endurance, and surface properties. This service is offered in Japan as well as in other countries in Asia and Oceania.  


[Product description] KX ROCK® has been popular among our customers for over 20 years because it does not rust, flake, or wear off. It is an optimal ceramic spray coating for press rolls, which are the most important parts of any papermaking machine, in terms of availability enhancement.

[Product description] K-Stef® is a non-adhesive coating for papermaking rolls. It can be applied on the spot or in a short delivery period. Heat strain rarely occurs as the roll is exposed to heat of up to 200 °C. This coating has been favorably received by our customers because it prevents dirt deposition, and it is easy to clean even if this occurs.

[Product description] DF-KOTE® is a smooth, precise WC spray coating that evolved from our previous WC cermet spray. This is a next-generation carbide spray coating, which has been proven to be an optimal option for advanced film rolls. Adopting DF-KOTE® offers merits such as enhanced wear and abrasion resistance, reduced oligomer deposition, stable operation, and reduced cleaning and maintenance time. It also offers cost reductions due to all these merits.

[Product description] KURACERA® is a revolutionary surface treatment method. A hard, precise ceramic layer is deposited on the surface of a light metal (e.g. aluminum, magnesium) to dramatically enhance wear-corrosion resistance. This method offers a wide range of applications, from anti-corrosion and anti-friction to base coating. This is because KURACERA® has much higher hardness, precision, and adhesion to the base material compared to anodic oxidation or other commonly used surface treatment methods for Al/Mg alloys. This method does not involve the use of hazardous substances. It is a clean, environmentally friendly next-generation surface treatment method.