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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:01:02

HME Co., Ltd.

We have developed special polishing with excellent corrosion resistance and ultra-cleanness.

We provide precision polishing of the interiors of piping systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment. We excel at special electro-polishing technology. We can realize high cleanness and high corrosion resistance in compounded electro-polishing, chemical compound polishing, and passivation treatment, including electro-polishing. We can make proposals that match customer needs by making use of our know-how on temperature measurement and gas detection using infrared rays. We also develop CO2 sensors that are utilized for density control in cultivation equipment for culturing microorganisms and cells, and in fertilized egg cultivation.


[Product description] We have confidence in our technology for precision polishing of pipe interiors. We can support various surface treatments from ultra-fine-diameter pipes and tubes to large-diameter parts with complicated shapes. We have a good record of performance with semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment. Our expert engineers with compound polishing technology will support the processing of pipe interiors for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, where high cleanness is required. We can also support oxide film processing with excellent corrosion resistance in collaboration with the plating division of our affiliate company. We are using such strengths to develop a business that can be differentiated from our competitors.