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HME Co., Ltd.

We have developed special polishing with excellent corrosion resistance and ultra-cleanness.

We provide precision polishing of the interiors of piping systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment. We excel at special electro-polishing technology. We can realize high cleanness and high corrosion resistance in compounded electro-polishing, chemical compound polishing, and passivation treatment, including electro-polishing. We can make proposals that match customer needs by making use of our know-how on temperature measurement and gas detection using infrared rays. We also develop CO2 sensors that are utilized for density control in cultivation equipment for culturing microorganisms and cells, and in fertilized egg cultivation.

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[Company strength]
Our company name, HME, originates from our corporate philosophy “HUMAN: we value human beings; MANUFACTURING: we pursue Monozukuri craftsmanship; and ENGINEERING: we establish high technology.” All of our staff will support customers in a joint team under this motto. We will conduct development that is differentiated from our competitors as a surface treatment enterprise and sensor design development enterprise within the group. We possess many unique technologies from surface treatment to electronic equipment.

[Business description]
We provide precise polishing of the interiors of piping systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment. We also develop advanced measuring equipment and analysis equipment. This includes infrared sensors, non-contact temperature sensors, CO2 measurement sensors, chronometric analysis equipment, electrical resistivity meters, and flow injection analysis equipment. We provide EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) manufacturing.

Machine tool manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Surface treatment: We achieve high cleanness and corrosion resistance by electro-polishing, compound electro-polishing, chemical compound polishing, and passivation treatment.
Sensor related technology: We conduct measurement using infrared rays, and develop and manufacture analysis equipment. We also deal with infrared arrays as the exclusive Japanese agent of the Heimann Sensor Company of Germany. We can support a wide range of individual customer needs.
Analysis related technology: We have know-how from development to manufacturing regarding elemental analysis in solutions using light.

[Representative's message]
Our company group is developing a wide range of business. This includes developing and manufacturing infrared ray sensors, sensor application products, measurement analysis equipment, and surface treatment (plating, electro-polishing, and passivation film treatment). We believe we can respond to the needs of many enterprises. Simple subcontracted work will shift to developing countries. Our goal is to be a partner enterprise that supports Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship by maintaining the capability to provide higher skills and added value to our customers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned staff in charge in our general affairs department as the point of contact for major domestic companies and overseas companies. The staff in each department will respond to technical consultations.

[Awards and media coverage]
300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monozukuri SMEs (2006); FIA Analysis Research Panel.

Many reports in newspapers, on television (NHK, Nagoya-TV, and local cable TV), bank publications, Mie Prefecture publishing companies, and many others.

ISO 9001.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We do business with major domestic companies, including Mitsubishi Chemical and its group companies, Horiba, Hitachi Metals, and NTN.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We supply products as the exclusive agent of the German company Heimann Sensor. We will be of assistance in solving issues related to thermopiles by using our accumulated experience and knowledge.

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