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Latest update: 22/06/2023 15:35:57

Takasago Fluidic Systems

We are a “fluid control concierge,” having exported products to 50 countries worldwide.

Our company manufactures valves and pumps for analyzers that are used for medical diagnosis, environmental measurement, and quality control including food safety. We have developed more than 10,000 models by making use of our advantages of customization, miniaturization, and integration. We have exported our products to 50 countries around the world. We have technical power capable of meeting the special needs of NASA, JAXA, and other specialist research organizations.


[Product description] The flow rate can be externally controlled by adjusting the pump drive voltage and drive frequency. This is optimal for built-in use in small equipment. Features These pumps are small, thin, and lightweight and can feed a very small amount of liquid. No metals are used where they might be exposed to liquid. Low noise and low power consumption. The flow rate can be controlled by adjusting the drive voltage and frequency. The self-priming pump requires no external priming.

[Product description] [Features] 1. Outside dimensions: diameter 5.7 mm × H32.5 mm. These are groundbreaking ultra-small solenoid valves. The minimal installation space makes it possible to downsize the valve-attached device and shorten the flow channel. 2. The diaphragm valve has excellent chemical resistance. The material used for the parts in contact with fluid is PEEK, or perfluoroelastomer. We can change the material at your request. 3. The internal volume is not more than 4.3 μL. Our pursuit of the ultimate in downsizing made the internal volume not more than 4.3 μL. The internal volume of the valve chest, which may become dead volume, is as small as 0.75 μL. This greatly contributes to reducing specimen or reagent quantity and improving analysis accuracy. 4. A latch mechanism is employed. A permanent magnet keeps the valve open or closed by its magnetic force. No electric power is necessary for this operation, so power can be saved and heating due to power conduction can be suppressed. Electric power is necessary for status transition (open-to-closed, closed-to-open). Polarity switching is also necessary depending on the direction of operation.

[Product description] Using shape memory alloy as a driving source produces the following features: Compact size (4 × 16 × 16.5 mm, excluding terminals) and lightweight (about 1 g). Very silent and without operating noise, unlike a solenoid valve. Suitable for feeding liquid to a microscope observation chip or other applications that are affected by quick fluid movement. This is because the opening and closing speed is slower than that of a solenoid valve. Power consumption as low as less than 0.3 W.

[Product description] [Features] Excellent chemical resistance because all parts in contact with fluid are made of PTFE. A solenoid drive where the flow rate can be adjusted by raising or lowering the applied voltage. Comparatively wide apertures, which are applicable to a wide range of flow rates.

[Product description] [Features] The structure does not allow a valve volume change that is a cause of pumping volume. The flow channel is almost straight and the internal volume is minimal. These valves have excellent liquid exchangeability compared with a diaphragm valve. The valve is driven by solenoid ON/OFF, so it is easier to control than a motor-driven rotary lapping valve. No dedicated drivers are necessary and the size is compact.

[Product description] [Features] The theoretical resolution is 0.105 nL at 1/100 micro steps. The high resolution ensures smooth liquid feeding. The groundbreaking size of diameter 12 × L170 mm (excluding needle and sensor casing) includes a two-phase stepper motor for driving. We can customize ultra-small types of 8.8 mm in diameter. (Consult us for micro step driving.) The light weight enables installation on a microscope stage, use in a thermostatic chamber, and mounting to a movable part of a device. You can use two sets for alternate liquid feeding to create a continuous liquid send system with very low flow rates. (Consult us for details.) Connections can be selected from three types (needle, door lock, and M6 screen). An attachment type is also available for connecting our small three-way valve. A sensor is built in to prevent overrun. Easy-to-operate controllers are also available.

[Product description] [Features] The injection amount can be selected from 0.2 to 2.0 μL. Specify the amount when you order. The size is as small as 39.1L × 30W × 62.5H. The solenoid-driven injector can be controlled simply by turning the DC voltage on or off.

[Product description] [Features] These joints withstand fluid and ambient temperatures from 5 to 60°C and fluid pressure from -90 to 700 kPa. A flat bottom seal is used. This makes it easier to manufacture a female screw threading compared to a tapered seal. We can perform machining to customize the joint shape according to the customer’s requested tube size.


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