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Latest update: 24/02/2017 18:41:08

Ace Equipment Co., Ltd.

We have developed a submersible lifter that features great impact resistance and durability.

Our company manufactures lift units driven using factory air as a pressure source. They can be used in explosion-proof areas at chemical factories, outdoors, or where they are exposed to water splashes. We have a development history over 20 years. We also manufacture submersible lifters with great impact and earthquake resistance that can even be used underwater. We also have many achievements in development and trial manufacturing of thick anti-corrosion treatment machines for automotive bolts and pressed parts.


[Product description] Our coating equipment is optimal for rustproofing small or micro parts. This equipment can be classified into a dip and centrifugal extraction type dip spin (DS) coater with a short processing time and a rotational spray coating type round spray (RS) coater. Dip spin (DS) coater: Recommendable for base coating in mass-production processes. This is because it is a dip and centrifugal extraction type and does not require a long processing time. The inclined dip spin (IDS) coater is suitable for parts that have shapes in which liquid builds up easily or that readily adhere to each other. Round spray (RS) coater: Suitable for top coating in which the main priority is a good appearance. This type can also handle parts that have adhesion problems. The RS requires a longer coating time than the DS. ARS automated parallel operation of several units is optimal for mass production.

[Product description] These air- and motor-type lifters with ultra-low beds are optimal for transfer devices. The air-type lifters include a balance lifter with a high stroke, a table lifter with an ultra-low bed, and a submersible lifter that can be used underwater. The motor-type lifter is a motor (cam) lifter that has no gears or chains, and it can be used without lubrication. Our air lifters are suitable for use in clean or explosion-proof areas because of their simple structures. Balance lifter, table lifter, and submersible lifter: These are air-type lifters with a high stroke. Their durability is extremely high because the actuator is a tough air-spring insulator, which is even used for rolling stock, and the materials absorb impact. Use underwater is also supported. Motor (cam) lifter: This is a motor-type lifter with no gears or chains, and it can be used without lubrication. This lifter is suitable for high-frequency use, such as twice a minute, and also supports continuous operation.

[Product description] Our Box Leveler uses a new balancing box that moves only the bottom plate up and down. The part takeout quantity is always constant but the height can be easily set to reduce the burden on the back of a worker taking out parts. Its other features are as follows. No installation work necessary except for air for driving. Movable to the top and bottom ends, although this is not possible with a spring type. Box and leveler movable using a forklift. The box enables assembly and dismantling without any tools, and the box panel can be freely selected.

[Product description] CLEAN PURE can easily generate extremely safe electrolytic water with weak acidity. This water can be used for disinfection, freshness-keeping, and health management. Weak-acidic electrolytic water is close to water and can be used for rinsing after washing, with the aim of great disinfection effects. Electrolytic water reduces water consumption and saves labor. Electrolytic water does not have a significant impact on drainage facilities because it is used with a chlorine concentration as low as 10 to 80 ppm. Electrolytic water generates hardly any trihalomethane and it is very safe, so you can use it without worrying about disinfecting workers, instruments, or the environment. Hypochlorous acid water generated by this machine was designated as a harmless agricultural chemical by the national government on March 28, 2014. This product is easy to implement for agrochemical-free cultivation. [Authorization/Certification] Hypochlorous acid water generated by this machine was designated as a harmless agricultural chemical by the national government on March 28, 2014.

[Product description] Our Mist Unit enables cooling with a dry mist that does not make things damp. It has the following features. Easy atomization simply by connecting to an air source at a factory. Easy to attach to an existing fan at a factory. Special two-fluid nozzle (made of Teflon) to generate a mist as fine as 7 to 10 microns. Synergistic effect of the heat of mist evaporation and convective heat transfer by wind.