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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:00:36

Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

We have developed a tornado type wind power generator, which enables efficient power generation.

We conduct R&D for natural energy supply systems. We manufacture wind power generators, hybrid wind power generators that combine wind power and solar power generators, and hydroelectric generators. Our products support efficient power generation and a wide range of wind velocities. They have also resolved problems such as low-frequency noise and damage due to birds trapped in the generator, which were problems in conventional wind power generators.

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[Company strength]
We develop, manufacture, and sell unprecedented wind power generators. We have developed a blade shape and generator for wind power generators that are unlike any other in the world. They have been patented in Japan and overseas countries. Environmental friendliness was the prerequisite for our technological development. The good designability of the blade shape and high quietness make it easy to install at locations close to buildings and facilities that are busy with people. This is why one of our strengths is that we can propose products with high designability to advertise a company’s CSR awareness.

[Business description]
We conduct integrated R&D, design, construction, and sales of natural energy supply systems. We specifically focus on wind power generators, hybrid wind power generators that combine wind power and solar power generators, and hydroelectric generators. 

Natural energy supply system research, development, design, construction, and sales 

[Strength of products/technologies]
The relative number of generator rotations can be doubled and efficient power generation becomes possible by rotating the two wind turbines at the top and bottom in opposite directions. Power can be generated by using lower or higher wind speeds than conventional generators. Our product has resolved problems such as low-frequency noise, damage caused by birds trapped in the generator, difficulty in installation close to people, and so on. This is a next-generation wind power generator. We have also developed a hybrid streetlight with an independent power supply, in which a solar power generator is combined with a charging system. This is also effective in disasters and emergencies. We have a track record of supplying our products to the factories of major companies and service areas on expressways as convenient wind power generators.

[Representative's message]
The name is not yet well recognized, but our tornado type wind power generator has superb performance. It has power generation characteristics along with an ultra-wide range of adaptability to safety, surrounding environment preservation, and wind speed. We believe that our hybrid streetlight will produce new innovation by adding various applications that make use of the independent power supply. This includes crime prevention cameras and WiFi, as well as utilization as emergency streetlights. We hope to make this technology developed in Japan into the global standard. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We plan to participate in an exhibition in Vancouver, Canada with a major agency at the end of March 2014. Our president will also attend, and make a presentation on our technology with the staff of the agency. We recently participated in the Second Wind Expo at Tokyo Big Sight, and received inquiries from Germany, China, etc., so we will extend our sales through our overseas sales agents. Please feel free to contact Masaharu Kato, President & CEO, for inquiries.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our products are the only systems in the world to adopt a tornado type wind power generator, and they demonstrate unique performance.

[Awards and media coverage]
Aichi Environment Prize, Mayor of Nagoya Award, 2010; Subsidy for Innovative Technology Support, New Technology Development Foundation; New Business Plan Subsidy in the Seventh NOBUNAGA21 by Juroku Bank, Award of Excellence.

NHK, “Hot Evening” (July 25, 2012): Our wind power generator installed at Tokumitsu PA on the Hokuriku Expressway, Ishikawa Prefecture, was reported on the “Tokai Monogatari” program, together with the history of its development.
Chunichi Shimbun (morning edition, September 7, 2012): Our hybrid wind power generator installed at Hamamatsu SA on the New Tomei Expressway was introduced in an article for the Day of Energy Saving. It was featured as a low-noise, space-saving generator that can rotate even in a breeze. 

[Joint research and development]
We have acquired patents regarding signs and road signs jointly with Central Nippon Expressway, Engineering Nagoya.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Wind power generator sales: LIXIL (INAVX Live Museum) (Handa Factory). Hybrid streetlight sales (at Hamamatsu SA on the Second Tomei Expressway) and 10-kw/2-kw wind power generator sales (at Tokumitsu PA): Central Nippon Expressway. Hybrid streetlight installation at the new Chubu International Airport, Centrair (the Sky Deck). Hybrid streetlight sales: Kao (Toyohashi Factory), Mitsubishi Jisho Residence (Tsudanuma), Bridgestone (Tokyo Factory), and Futaba Industrial (Okazaki HQ). 

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