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Latest update: 14/02/2017 18:42:25

Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

We propose labor-saving packaging using our unique composite materials.

Our company manufactures packaging materials and various other synthetic resin (plastic) products. We can manufacture four kinds of materials (foam materials, foam cushioning materials, corrugated plastic sheets, and films). There are few companies like ours in Japan. We also propose solutions that save packaging labor by developing composite materials.

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[Company strength]
We manufacture a wide variety of packaging materials ranging from foam materials and foam cushioning materials to corrugated plastic sheets and films. We are the only company in Japan that manufactures these four kinds of products. We also develop composite materials from our own product materials to propose solutions for saving labor in packaging.

[Business description]
We manufacture polyethylene films, highly foamed polyethylene sheets, foam cushioning materials, and corrugated plastic sheets and sell applied products after secondary processing. We also manufacture laminate materials combined from these four materials and sell products assembled or processed from the composite materials.

Plastics manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We develop products based on ideas from the user’s point of view to meet the needs of the times. We propose a groundbreaking packaging technique by adding new functionality to our products to improve work efficiency. Our sales, manufacturing, and development departments are working together to support business improvement by users by supplying synthetic resin products.

[Representative's message]
In 2013 we established Kyushu Minasel in Saga Prefecture as the sixth manufacturer in our company’s group. Our goal is to extend our sales channels in the Kyushu region as a manufacturing and processing division for our Minapack and Lamipack foam cushioning materials. We will further streamline our logistics and improve customer service.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our development department and sales development department open new sales channels by developing new products. Our composite business department develops and sells products that meet customer needs by combining in-house products and articles by other manufacturers. Our overseas business project department helps major users move overseas and promotes globalization under free trade agreements. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Foam cushioning material (Minapack): 30%.
Non-crosslinked polyethylene sheets (Minafoam): 33%.
Corrugated plastic sheets (Minadan): 20%.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Packaging Contest 2013, Industrial Packaging Award.


JIS Q 9001, ISO 9001/JIS Q 14001, and ISO 14001.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Transaction form]
Product sales.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Takashima & Co., Ltd., Toshin Bussan Co., Ltd., Kokuyo Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Yagikuma Co., Ltd., CHUGEN Co., Ltd., SHINGOSHU Co., Ltd., Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Yotsugi Co., Ltd., and The Pack Corporation.

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