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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:00:00

CAC Corporation

We have developed image analysis software for medical treatment in which symptoms are detected from images.

We conduct R&D of image analysis software, and specifically of cell images and medical images obtained by microscopes. We can provide comprehensive support for statistically analyzing large amounts of images, and to detect various symptoms. We can also support functions that are difficult to handle with ordinary image processing. We develop technology for three-dimensional image processing such as three-dimensional extraction from medical images, 3D tracking of the human body, and projection mapping. 


[Product description] > Cell image analysis software (Windows / Mac) ???? - Cell-site extraction ???? - Time series tracking ???? - Amount extraction ???? - Analysis macro programming ???? - Video output > Display image analysis system (Windows / Mac) ???? - Overlap display of the analysis results ???? - Time comparison of time-series images ???? - Draw graph Our software detects cells from time-lapse cell images taken by a microscope, and analyses the shape characteristics, movement, and morphological changes for each cell. The individually extracted time-varying parameters range over several tens of types. There is also a function for analyzing and graphically displaying these parameters. Using these parameters makes it possible to conduct screening of candidate materials for medicine. This is done by using many images that are obtained for cell changes caused by candidate compounds for medicine manufacturing. The major functions of our cell image analysis software are as follows. Cell image analysis software (Windows/Mac) Cell and part extraction function Time series tracking function Feature quantity extraction function Analysis macro programming function Video output function Image analysis display system (Windows/Mac) Overlap display of analysis results Function for time-varying comparison of time-series images Function for creating various graphs